Letters from hunger strikers: I still feel like I can keep pushin’, so I will

by Randall Sondai Ellis

Written Aug. 7, 2013 – I just wrote you a few days ago about my location change; however, there’s been yet another change. We’ve been moved to Ad Seg H-Row.

Hunger strike rally Oscar Grant Plaza 'Cali Dept of Corruption, Retribution' 073013As you might have guessed, yes, it’s freezing cold over here. Abdul is down the row from me, Sitawa and Mutope are next door on G-Row – I think that’s the row.

At the moment, I still feel like I can keep pushin’, so I will.

We are still holding up despite considerable weight loss at this point. We were all able to get some sunlight yesterday.

I saw the doctor and my blood pressure appeared to be stable 122/78. My sugar levels were low – 58 – and my liver he said was working overtime. He said he was concerned because with the low sugar levels and high liver levels, at some point I may experience complications.

At the moment, I still feel like I can keep pushin’, so I will. On Saturday, a few guys were taken to Folsom for treatment: Baridi Williamson and Mume Redd. They’ve begun to move all hunger strikers to Ad Seg, which holds about 98 people if single celled or twice that if doubled.

Send our brother some love and light: Randall Sondai Ellis, C-68764, ASU H-199, P.O. Box 7500, Crescent City CA 95532.

Retaliation at Tehachapi SHU

by Johnny Clipper

Written July 31, 2013 – Greetings! I would like to start by saying thank you to all those who support this peaceful hunger strike.

I’m currently a peaceful hunger striker here at Tehachapi State Prison on 4B Yard of the SHU. Everyone around me is in good spirits doing the best we can under the circumstances.

The reason I’m writing you this letter is to inform you and the public of what’s going on here at Tehachapi 4B Yard.

Those of us on the hunger strike that have come off and go back on are not being weighed in even after we have refused nine meals. Nor are they counting us as hunger strike participants.

Medical staff are only doing weigh-ins once a week. Rules Violation Reports – 115s – were handed out to all prisoners who participated in this peaceful hunger strike.

I believe these three issues are in retaliation for our participation in this peaceful hunger strike.

Here are three things that are going on now: 1) the refusal of medical evaluations to hunger striking prisoners, 2) the placement of sandbags in front of hunger strikers’ doors as a psychological tactic to induce a sense of imminent death, 3) those who are receiving trays or have begun accepting their trays have reported that the portions of food being issued now are significantly smaller than what was issued prior to the hunger strike’s commencement.

I believe these three issues are in retaliation for our participation in this peaceful hunger strike.

“Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners” approved by the U.N. Economic and Social Council on July 31, 1957, states in Resolution 663 CI (XXIV), on the recommendation of the First Congress: “The medical officer shall see all sick prisoners daily, along with those who complain of illness or are referred to his (or her) attention.

“The medical officer is to report to the director on prisoners whose health is jeopardized by continued imprisonment and on the quality of the food, hygiene, bedding, clothing and physical regimen of the prisoners.”

Thank you for hearing me out. We stand as one here on the 4B Yard moving forward in solidarity. Thank you for your time and support.

Send our brother some love and light: Johnny Clipper, G-39264, CCI 4B-1A 201, P.O. Box 1906, Tehachapi CA 93581.

Hunger strikers, be strong and of good courage

by Marvellous Amir Warrior (Greene)

Two thousand five hundred plus slaves have answered the call
It is their fate that a few shall fall

The bigots had our demands thumb tacked to a wall
Some fascists are not worried about it; they’d rather follow baseball

Round 2 of this war has begun
Those on the front lines know death is no fun

So this is for them, the marvelous warriors, who are unsung
This time, the outcome shall be different, unlike a boring rerun

In 180 days, I wonder who shall be still standing
A hunger strike, unlike a fast, is truly demanding

They callously took it from us; we had grandfather standing
The farce and shame of CDC is repressive, oppressive and vexing

We are tired of their lies and united we stand
Married to the cause, the outcome shall be grand

Pray for us, our beloveds, in the golden heartland
Call and email Jerry Brown’s office now; don’t be bland!

Send our brother some love and light: Marvellous Amir Warrior (Greene), K-29392, PBSP A1-122L, P.O. Box 7500, Crescent City CA 95532.