Split parenting: A family divided

The joy of fatherhood: Helpful tips for fathers and men who want to become fathers

by Morris Turner

Morris+Turner’s+son+Malcolm+w+son+Marcelo+1.5+yrs+web, Split parenting: A family divided, Culture Currents In speaking with fathers who have responded to my articles as well as fathers I know personally, it is painfully obvious that “split parenting” is one of the most difficult and gut wrenching experiences anyone who loves his children can go through. It’s all too real, and we are left to find ways to make this potentially devastating situation not only tolerable but one in which adults can learn to communicate and children can somehow thrive.

There is a lot to this puzzle of “split parenting,” and it is my hope that together we can identify and examine some of the most common pieces and share strategies for building home environments that best support the needs of our children, whether biological or from a blended family situation.

Topics to think about for future discussion include unresolved issues between adults and their impact on children, how to blend different parenting philosophies, and providing coping strategies for children and adults who find themselves apart. As always, I welcome your input and suggestions as part of this ongoing discussion.

Morris Turner is the father of two sons, ages 39 and 35. Over the past 45 years he has worked with children and young people in a variety of settings, including as preschool teacher, career counselor, family mentor and sports coach. He is also an author and recognized researcher in the area of African American settlement in the United States, but his greatest pleasure today is learning to be a good grandpa. He can be reached at missnpages@comcast.net or by calling (707) 794-0729.