Occupy is converging

by Carol Harvey

A Labor Day Occupy Convergence will happen at Bradley / Chelsea Manning Plaza (Justin Herman Plaza on the Embarcadero across from the Ferry Building in San Francisco) on Monday, Sept. 2, 2013, starting at 10 a.m until 4 p.m., or whenever. There will be music and lights by the SFPD – the San Francisco Projection Department. There will be dancing, flashmobs, singing, chalking and movies – and talk and fun.

Specific Occupy issues on vital cultural repairs will come under discussion among individuals and at the 3 p.m. General Assembly.

Ayat-Jalal-Bryant, Occupy is converging, Local News & Views As Occupier Ayat Jalal Bryant observes, “Under no circumstance be oppressed. We need to get back to humanistic traditions of being. There’s a lot you can do. Your voice has value.”

One Convergence focus will be the ongoing toxic nuclear releases into the Pacific from the Fukushima Daichi nuclear reactors destroyed in the July 2012 Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Police brutality is on the agenda. Frontline San Francisco Occupier Mike Zint has researched the dangers from vaccines and is prepared to talk about them.

A series of 20 colorful Occu-Cards on display at the plaza will focus on core issues in the re-humanizing process:

  • Goldman Sacks and the banks’ destruction of the U.S. economy.
  • The Supreme Court ruling that corporations are persons with First Amendment rights, where their money is speech.
  • The United States alone among countries provides no universal health care.
  • A military-industrial-complex of military, corporate, and government entities has created a U.S. fascist state.
  • The monetary system’s inflated loans must GO!

And many more.

Absolutely everyone is invited.

Carol Harvey is a San Francisco political journalist specializing in human rights and civil rights. She can be reached at carolharveysf@yahoo.com.

African and Native American Occupier Ayat (pronounced Eye-yot), shares his philosophy. Fellow Occupier Mike Zint reports that Ayat deals successfully with police brutality by confronting police with his knowledge of the law.