by Ann Garrison

KPFA Evening News, broadcast Dec. 28, 2013


KPFA News Anchor Cameron Jones: Earlier this week, in the northeasternmost province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or DRC, which borders Central African Republic, South Sudan and Uganda, the U.N.’s special combat intervention brigade, which includes South African troops, used South African helicopter gunships to fire on the ADF (Allied Democratic Forces) militia. The U.N. combat brigade also fired the new South African helicopter gunships on Rwanda and Uganda’s M23 militia two months earlier.

South African helicopter gunship Denel RooivalkSouth African mining researcher David Van Wyk said that this was not simply a U.N. operation to eliminate militias in the eastern DRC, as reported, but also the signal of a new resource war which could become another African World War. KPFA’s Ann Garrison spoke to David Van Wyk and filed this report.

KPFA/Ann Garrison: Yesterday, South African mining researcher David Van Wyk wrote: “A new resource war is about to break out in the DRC. It will be an African World War. The USA is sponsoring opposing sides. France, Belgium, China and Russia will also sponsor their interests in the conflict.

“This will pit South Africa against Uganda and Rwanda. Angola and Tanzania might also be drawn in. The arms industry will profit greatly. Africans will die in large numbers. And mining companies will look forward to a prosperous 2014.”

Van Wyk further described the conflict and the U.S. sponsorship of all sides, from his home in Johannesburg:

David Van Wyk: What we are seeing in the DRC, basically, is a conflict over the resources of the DRC and different mining interests. And Uganda and Rwanda are aspirant mining companies and mineral exporters, whereas South Africa is a dominant minerals power in Africa. And so, South Africa’s deployment of peacekeepers against Ugandan and Rwandan sponsored rebels in the northeast is an indication of the conflict over minerals in the DRC.

KPFA/Ann Garrison: South Africa is highly favored in this new war for Congo’s mineral wealth, Van Wyk said, because major industrial mining corporations that operate in South Africa are prepared to move beyond the artisenal mining and smuggling that has so enriched Uganda and Rwanda since their invasion of the DRC in 1996.

South Africa is highly favored in this new war for Congo’s mineral wealth, Van Wyk said, because major industrial mining corporations that operate in South Africa are prepared to move beyond the artisenal mining and smuggling that has so enriched Uganda and Rwanda since their invasion of the DRC in 1996.

He also cited South Africa’s advantage as the only African nation where heavy weapons of war are manufactured, although bullets are manufactured and rifles assembled in others. At the same time, he said that because South African weapons industries are fueling the arms race all over the African continent, South African troops are now likely to be facing troops wielding South African weapons.

David Van Wyk: South Africa heavily armed Uganda in 2008 and also every time just before they have elections in Uganda. So we’re actually seeing South African soldiers fighting possibly South African weapons in the hands of rebels sponsored by Uganda.

KPFA/Ann Garrison: Van Wyk agreed with journalist Keith Harmon Snow, Professor Ed Herman, Congolese Canadian author Patrick Mbeko and others that real U.N. peacekeeping is not possible at this time because, given U.S. military dominance, it is an inevitably self-interested, hypocritical undertaking by the U.S. and ancillary powers under the guise of multilateral beneficence.

For Pacifica, KPFA and Afrobeat Radio, I’m Ann Garrison.

Oakland writer Ann Garrison writes for the San Francisco Bay View, Counterpunch, Global Research, Colored Opinions, Black Star News and her own website, Ann Garrison, and produces for AfrobeatRadio on WBAI-NYC, KPFA Evening News and her own YouTube Channel, AnnieGetYourGang. She can be reached at This story first appeared on her website. If you want to see Ann Garrison’s independent reporting continue, please contribute on her website at



  1. Minerals have driven this conflict for over 20 years through many proxy groups. If this causes another "African World War," at least the sides will be identified now. Does the mining researcher propose letting rebel groups and anarchy continue to dominate the region?

  2. S.Africa is still a white run gov. the ANC is mere window dressing, so in reality the white people in S.Africa are going to dominate and still control African countries. The new African order is made up of the billionaires in South Africa, people like the Openheimers. So S.Africa is essentially reconstructing the mineral industry in Africa. S.Africa hasn't lost in in over 100 yrs. The majority of Africans in S.Africa still live in poverty,unemployment for Blacks is 70%, the plight of Black people has changed very little in 20 yrs since the alledged Black "rule"- whites own 97% of all the wealth ,and we know no one reliquishes power.

    The colonial powers never abandon each other, they never break rank. When they unite as France and the US recently did it's for their self interest, never in the interest of an African state. The motives are never altruistic, you take S.Africa the strongerst mining country on the continent solidifying it's mining empire. The west has never abandoned S.Africa, show me when and where? I see S.Africa emerging as the victor in the long run,they are simply consolidating their power base.

  3. After 27years in jail Mandela was a guinea pig, they controlled everything he read, am sure they used drugs to twist him in creating the" Manchurian Candidate" they prefered .He was spared as a big fish, they had plans to break him and zombify his spirit. We're dealing with the devil incarnate. They killed Biko in captivity and described it in detail, it was sickning . This amnesty bull-chit program was the creation of the demon invaders they paid nothing for genocide and smirk as they continue to rule S.A. Winnie said you''re sharing a prize with man who jailed you, Mandela was broken man after almost 30years of prison, this is how Black Kings are treated in their homeland. Winnie was his reality check. Winnie was not drinking the kool aid and not suffering from the Jim Jones Syndrome in a dome.

    I see Mandela as a victim in a cruel political scheme, he spent a third of his life in jail because he refused to bow to the will of demonic invaders from europe. Lets not forget what these satanic worshippers came to do and that was to enslave and conquer -this is the way of the beast.

    The only thing they brought to Afrika was their demented psychology, when dealing with barbarians you must keep in mind from whence it came. It hails from cold storage, the tundra based beast scavenged for food and often times resorted to cannibalism to survive. H looked at his fellow brethem as a meal ticket. The Afrikan hails from fertile ground, food in abundance,he farmed the land for thousands of years and has 18,000 years of recorded history, the europee on has the equivalent of 5 minutes of history compared to the civilized Afrikan.

    We're dealing with an historic satanic spirit void of human compassion,name a continent they've invaded and not destroyed the the existng culture. The beast never comes in peace it comes to chop you and your family to pieces! It only knows and respects might, their motives for releasing Mandela was never altruistic the sarcastic ill will of Satan is the god of deceit and decay.

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