AB, ode to Amiri Baraka

by Raymond Nat Turner


Ho Chi Minh penned in

“Prison Poems,” the

Poet must also

Know how to lead an attack


Amiri Baraka, Raymond Nat Turner at Malcolm X birthday at Schomburg, Harlem 051913 by Zigi LowenbergNot a god or stamp, you

Are still my father, son and

Holy-ghost, post-Langston,

Sterling poet warrior


Still the syn-tactical surgeon

With precision pen, atomic tenor,

Suturing my severed tongue


Still the armory

Issuing anti-fracking ordinance

For strikes on Mengeles

At Monsanto


Still the arsenal

Supplying smart bombs for

Our war on government-guided


Attack-Negroz like


Da Men of Steele – Shelby and

Michael – Long Dong Silver, AKA,

Thom-Ass Clarence, Ward Connerly,

Colin Powell and dem imperialist Rice wenches …


I searched frantically for you at the end

Of the Apollo’s Sekou Sundiata celebration;

I jumped over a chair, just missing you, at

The Harlem Stage tribute to Abbey Lincoln;


Finally, caught you at the Schomburg’s

Langston Hughes Auditorium, at the

Fidel-Malcolm Meeting book talk –

Forgave you for slipping

On Iceberg Slim, and

Told you, “I LOVE YOU …”

Raymond Nat Turner © 2014 All Rights Reserved