AB, ode to Amiri Baraka

by Raymond Nat Turner


Ho Chi Minh penned in

“Prison Poems,” the

Poet must also

Know how to lead an attack


Amiri-Baraka-Raymond-Nat-Turner-at-Malcolm-X-birthday-at-Schomburg-Harlem-051913-by-Zigi-Lowenberg, AB, ode to Amiri Baraka, Culture Currents Not a god or stamp, you

Are still my father, son and

Holy-ghost, post-Langston,

Sterling poet warrior


Still the syn-tactical surgeon

With precision pen, atomic tenor,

Suturing my severed tongue


Still the armory

Issuing anti-fracking ordinance

For strikes on Mengeles

At Monsanto


Still the arsenal

Supplying smart bombs for

Our war on government-guided


Attack-Negroz like


Da Men of Steele – Shelby and

Michael – Long Dong Silver, AKA,

Thom-Ass Clarence, Ward Connerly,

Colin Powell and dem imperialist Rice wenches …


I searched frantically for you at the end

Of the Apollo’s Sekou Sundiata celebration;

I jumped over a chair, just missing you, at

The Harlem Stage tribute to Abbey Lincoln;


Finally, caught you at the Schomburg’s

Langston Hughes Auditorium, at the

Fidel-Malcolm Meeting book talk –

Forgave you for slipping

On Iceberg Slim, and

Told you, “I LOVE YOU …”

Raymond Nat Turner © 2014 All Rights Reserved