1. That's right, it is a violation of all these Constitutional Rights and Protections listed; and yet, in that negative it is also a full implementation of the U.S. Constitution's 13th Amendment wherein prisoners are slaves and involuntary servants; therefore, all those listed rights are voided. Slaves don't have rights, and under the 13th Amendment prisoners are slaves and involuntary servants! Part of their value is also in the pleasure the Slavocracy gets from the torture of SHU, Solitary Confinement, or the Bing – where prisoners go "Bingy".

  2. Look at Gitmo,10 yrs of torture and it's still open,why hasn't Obama closed this rat hole ? He said he doesn't have the funds to close it becausee of the congress,can he evoke an executive order? I feel the CIA want them there and they rule this country! How could a congressmam Charly Wilson get billions of dollars to train Osama and give him stinger missles. No one voted on this in congress, con- gressman Charly Wilson did this on his own and got approval.He has more power then the president? THIS ONLY LEADS ME TO CON CLUDE they want Gitmo open. They are playing footsies with people held captive, the president appears spineless in this episode of lies gone wild. The prison is designed to breakyour spirit and degrade you,water boarding is cruel and unusual punishment yet it continuesand why?

  3. Let me break it down for the dumbasses in our society: Don't break the law to end up in there to begin with. Duhh!

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