Take our Obamacare survey – after you sign up by Monday

Covered-California-father-child-logo, Take our Obamacare survey – after you sign up by Monday, News & Views The deadline to choose a health plan for you and your family is Monday, March 31. If you’re in California, go to the website Covered California, www.coveredca.com, to sign up. (Those in other states visit www.healthcare.gov.) If you start the process by midnight on Monday, March 31, you’ll have until April 15 to complete it. And no payments are due until April 25.

We at the Bay View would like to find out what our readers have experienced since the official launch of the Affordable Health Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, in October of 2013.



Your responses will be completely anonymous – unless you choose to give us your name and/or contact info in the comments section. Your comments may be quoted or paraphrased when we publish the results – again, anonymously – unless you give us permission to use your name. Thank you for taking our survey!

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