Warren Jordan refuses to ‘step down’ after 41 years in solitary

by Warren Jordan

No functional changes have transpired in this prison. If anything, it has become worse. I will not support nor participate in any sort of so-called Step Down Program for any reason. And a Senate bill has been presented in order to get a three-year cap on any SHU time. Hopefully, it will get passed.

Pelican-Bay-official-guides-media-tour-of-SHU-by-LA-Times, Warren Jordan refuses to ‘step down’ after 41 years in solitary, Abolition Now!
This is Warren Jordan’s “neighborhood,” the Short Corridor of the Pelican Bay SHU. – Photo: Los Angeles Times

After 41 straight years in the “hole” – i.e., SHU – I have nothing to step down from irrespective of a few additional prison terms that I received in San Quentin Prison. I arrived in the hole on Oct. 31, 1972, at San Quentin’s Adjustment Center.

Either release me to any mainline with no strings attached or the heck with it. I’ll merely die in the hole.

I’ll never alter my beliefs or social conduct, period.

I first met David Johnson in San Quentin Adjustment Center on the first tier in 1973, as well as all of the others on that first tier in 1972. I was in DVI Tracy with Johnny Spain in 1967 and I was released on April 16, 1969, but only to end up on San Quentin’s mainline in 1972 for a brief period due to the racial tension.

Give all the brothers and sisters my love and respect.

Send our brother some love and light: Warren Jordan, B-42117, PBSP SHU D3-213, P.O. Box 7500, Crescent City, CA 95531.