‘Kill Team,’ the mind state imperialism breeds


Review by JR Valrey

“Kill Team” is a very well put together documentary about a number of U.S. soldiers based in Afghanistan who were caught being a part of a kill team that would routinely kill innocent civilians. This is a rare glimpse into the true mind state that imperialism breeds. “It was impossible to not surrender to the insanity of it all,” said Cpl. Jeremy Morlock, one of the subjects of the film.

'Kill Team' filmIt is the story of a half dozen white American bred boys who are looking for adventure in their mundane young adult lives by joining the military and killing whoever the financial and military elite of the United States puts before them. Movies like “Top Gun” and military commercials on television had brainwashed them and many other people into thinking that the military is about honor and integrity, but this is one of the few stories that have made it from behind the U.S. government’s veil of secrecy on what is really going on on these battle fields around the world.

Specialist Adam Winfield blew the whistle on a number of incidents where the platoon Staff Sgt. Calvin Gibbs, who was eventually convicted of murder and given life, would orchestrate kills of innocent people while on missions, then drop a weapon by the body and act as if he and others only committed murders while they were under attack.

A number of former soldiers also testified, on film, to the fact that Gibbs was making a necklace out of human bones and had tattoos marking the times he committed murder. As payback for speaking up, Adam was one of the 11 soldiers who were court-martialed and convicted in The Kill Team Trials in military court.

“Kill Team” is a very well put together documentary about a number of U.S. soldiers based in Afghanistan who were caught being a part of a kill team that would routinely kill innocent civilians.

This documentary is for anybody fascinated by the mentality and psychology promoted in the U.S. military to get their paid mercenary soldiers ready to steal resources and control populations on an international level. It is also a look at how the U.S. government covers up its war crimes with a very sophisticated propaganda machine.

“Kill Team” opens Aug. 1, 2014, at Landmark’s Opera Plaza Cinema, 601 Van Ness, San Francisco, 415-771-0183, and Landmark’s Shattuck Cinema, 2230 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, 510-644-2992. Director Dan Krauss will appear in person for Q&A at Opera Plaza in San Francisco Friday night, Aug. 1, and Sunday afternoon, Aug. 3, and at Shattuck in Berkeley Saturday night, Aug. 2. Call the theaters for appearance times.

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  1. The vigilante military mentality is quite common in the ranks of US forces. Do you recall Mei Lai when a group of rougue murderers massacred an entire village in Viet Nam. This is part of the in doctrination of Amerikan youth in the system. They were all aquitted of the massacre and made into folk heroes by the gov.and deranged press. The truth is almost never told and when told always questioned. I just returned from Brazil, this is a totalitarian regime with a military police not to fight an invading army but to maintain order. The people don’t dear say anything in public or look at them too hard, they make gestures with their faces and turn up their noses. In a military “dick tator- chit ” no one dear speak up, death is the answer for civil disobedience. People talk in private in hush tones, you never, know who’s a government spy. Trust me some people will turn you in for a beer and especially if they owe you money. So is the nature of the police state. People run around and act like hey don’t see the military police, they travel in packs of 10-15 stationed all over the city of Rio de Janeiro. You smile and carry about your business when yu make eye contact they are are known as the ultimate death squads. When you post controvercial material on your buddy’s FB PAGE, they take it down in an instant, they could be jail or get death. I stop attempting to engage the people I met in Brazil, they live in fear.

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