Rally to stop wrongful convictions planned in Louisiana

by Brother Kunta Kinta Green

In reference to my case as told in the June issue of the Bay View, I have connected with Eric Brown, attorney Mummi Ibrahim and Rev. Melvin Slack, who is a candidate to be the next mayor of Shreveport. Slack is about positive change and he promotes Black-on-Black love.

Kunta-Kinta-and-Lawanda-Green-272x300, Rally to stop wrongful convictions planned in Louisiana, Abolition Now!
Kunta Kinta and Lawanda Green

Pastor Brown is also supporting my cause, freedom. He is orchestrating a rally to stop wrongful convictions in Louisiana. The purpose of this rally is to bring awareness to coerced plea agreements, which are prevalent throughout Louisiana and America, and erode confidence in the American justice system. As I’ve said before, when someone is innocent, it’s everyone’s business!

Wrongful convictions destroy the family structure, which is also prevalent throughout the Black communities. Within the past several years in Louisiana, several prisoners have been released after being exonerated and proven innocent of all charges. Their lives have been destroyed after serving 20, 30, 40 years in prison for a crime they did not commit.

To my brothers and sisters behind the razor wire: Keep the faith. Be encouraged so that you may encourage someone else. I feel your pain and I share your struggle. Believe, pray, expect deliverance.

I need help with attorney’s fees to support the cause. Please send donations to KuntaGreen@jpay.com. For more information about the rally, contact Eric Brown, 368171, DWCC, 670 Bell Hill Rd., Homer, LA 71040. Please send support letters for the “Free Kunta Kinta Green” campaign to Sheryl Ranatza, Board of Pardons, P.O. Box 94304, Baton Rouge, LA 70804.

Send our brother some love and light: Kunta Green, 357008, DWCC, 670 Bell Hill Rd., Homer, LA 71040.