Third Street Stroll …

by Rochelle Metcalfe

Michael-Brown-Ron-Davis-Jordans-father-Tracy-Martin-Trayvons-Cephus-Uncle-Bobby-Johnson-talk-082714-by-Kumasi-Aaron, Third Street Stroll ..., Culture Currents
Fathers answer the call to Ferguson: These men know the pain of losing a child to a racist murder. Ron Davis is the father of Jordan Davis, killed over loud music; Tracy Martin is the father of Trayvon; and Cephus Johnson is Oscar Grant’s beloved Uncle Bobby. They and more fathers and father figures have been giving support and advice to other families in need. – Photo: Kumasi Aaron

NO JUSTICE! NO PEACE! That’s the feeling in Ferguson, Missouri, about three miles from St. Louis, majority Black city, 67 percent Black population, only three Black policemen on the force of 53. Once again another mother sheds tears over the loss of a son. Nationwide, shocking news heard from Ferguson that caused anger. Like so many times throughout Black communities, another young Black man is killed!

MICHAEL BROWN, the 18-year-old UNARMED Black teenager who was fatally shot by a WHITE police cop in Ferguson, April 9 – at this writing yet to be charged, and on PAID administrative leave – at least six bullets in his body, twice in the head! Emotions ran high, an angry multitude of protesters, for days and nights in the streets, faced the horrible sight of a militarized police force you would expect to see on a battlefield in Afghanistan – police in combat gear, charging them with weapons and armored vehicles aimed at the crowd, who hollered, “HANDS UP – DON’T SHOOT!”

Monday morning, Aug. 25, HOMEGOING SERVICES were held for Michael Brown. Let’s HOPE Brown’s murder will NOT be just another funeral to attend, BUT that the Black community in Ferguson will FIGHT for their civil rights, VOTE, get involved in a POSITIVE way to overcome the sadness that has befallen the town – seek justice! WE’RE WATCHING!

National-Guard-with-fixed-bayonets-for-Bayview-Hunters-Point-occupation-by-The-Hunters-Point-Bayview-Spokesman-100866-web, Third Street Stroll ..., Culture Currents
In September 1966, the Hunters Point Rebellion made headlines around the world when the youth of Hunters Point rose up to stop police murder and occupation. They held the Hill against the police until the governor called in the National Guard, and their tanks rumbled up and down Third Street. – Photo: The Hunters Point Bayview Spokesman, a local Black newspaper

NOW, can you imagine this scene played out on Third Street? NOT IMPOSSIBLE, for it has happened BUT not as intense! REMEMBER the September 1966 HUNTERS POINT REBELLION? A White policeman shot and killed a Black teenager as he fled the scene of a stolen car. A time when TERRY FRANCOIS, the LONE Black San Francisco supervisor was in office, and the SECOND major U.S. RIOT AFTER Watts in L.A.


* * *

BAYVIEW BARBER COLLEGE, located at 4912 Third St., in the heart of the Third Street Corridor, near The Dollar Store and More, was the unfortunate scene of a FIRE that has closed the school down UNTIL the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology inspect and re-certify the school to reopen. Understand there was WATER damage.

The fire threatened other businesses on the block. I’m told it started in back of the buildings, from another source. Attempted to contact DWAYNE ROBINSON, owner of the college, without any luck.

Bayview-Barber-College-window, Third Street Stroll ..., Culture Currents
A landmark in Bayview Hunters Point, Bayview Barber College is directly across Third Street from the Bay View.

Last summer, the Bayview school was one of the sites of the BLACK BARBERSHOPS HEALTH OUTREACH PROGRAM, a national effort to encourage men to live a healthier life, and raise awareness among African American men about diseases that strike them in high numbers – high blood pressure and diabetes are top killers of Black men. Free blood pressure reading and glucose screening part of the National OUTREACH Program, the brain child of LA podiatrist surgeon Bill James Releford, founder of the Diabetic Amputation Prevention Foundation.

Barbershops play an important role in the Black community – part club, part town hall, places people trust and share information. PLUS movements can be started – young Black men can learn, ALSO barbering is a good TRADE! My former husband was a barber during the heydays of the Fillmore.

* * *

Linda-Brooks-Burton-web, Third Street Stroll ..., Culture Currents
With one voice, the people of Bayview Hunters Point ask that our library be renamed in memory of our beloved Linda Brooks Burton.

There’s been an ongoing discussion and campaign within the Bayview Hunters Point community to RENAME the Bayview Branch Library in honor of the late LINDA BROOKS-BURTON, the beloved and dedicated librarian who passed Sept. 19, 2013.

The San Francisco Public LIBRARY COMMISSION held their AUGUST meeting at the BAYVIEW BRANCH, located on Third Street, to a SRO packed house to hear public comment address the Commission on their passionate request for the renaming. Speakers included: Mrs. Burton’s husband, Rev. JOHN BURTON, WALTER JOHNSON, JO-ELIAS JACKSON, DORRIS VINCENT, CHARLIE WALKER, DEBORAH VAUGHN, DR. ESPANOLA JACKSON.

Mrs. Burton served as managing librarian for the Bayview Branch for nearly 15 years. Born and raised in Bayview, 30 year veteran of the San Francisco Public Library. A DECISION will be forthcoming some time this month – although several of the Commissioners stated they would vote for the change.

MOVING ON. DR. GEORGE DAVIS Senior Center Monday Night Jam last month featured saxophonist ANTHONY DILLARD – a BLOWOUT – OFF THE HOOK R&B, Jazz, vocalizing Dillard’s’ (Johnny Gill ) “My, My, My,” was mesmerizing – he and band members stylin’ in all white and white hats – Place jammed packed. SASSY vocalist ANGELA ARMSTRONG and Friends, headline, Sept. 8.

BAYVIEW resident, dynamic ANTOINETTE MOBLEY, of SF ART EVERYWHERE, presented her ANNUAL BLUES AND FUNK FEST at McLAREN Park, in Portola District of San Francisco, part of McLaren’s Saturday afternoon in the Park, FREE concert series. Featured bluesy guitarist-singer ALVON (Johnson) and vocalist TIA CARROLL, sassy in HIGH, HIGH RED HEELS. The blues and the weather off the charts! HOT! Seen enjoying the concert, LINE DANCERS – SHIRLEY BYLES, ROSE SNELL, INEZ BRADSTREET, CLIFTON NED; AND MALIK SENEFERU, visual artist and curator, joined by his son, displayed his creative artwork.

Auntie-Aprils-chef-April-Spears-mom-visiting-from-Memphis-0814-by-Rochelle1, Third Street Stroll ..., Culture Currents
Chef April (Spears) of Auntie April’s at 4618 Third St. captured with her mom visiting from Memphis, Tenn. – Photo: Rochelle Metcalfe

CALENDAR NOTE. “MOTOWN The MUSICAL,” at The ORPHEUM THEATER, San Francisco, UNTIL Sept. 28. Missed OPENING Night, but plan to check it out!

This month YOSHI’S of San Francisco, will undergo a NAME change, and MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS, with the APPROVAL of the San Francisco Planning Commission. MICHAEL JOHNSON STILL owner. Originally plans were to focus on Jazz, but could NOT survive alone, therefore, a mix of R&B, Funk, World music, Salsa headlined the marquee. My plans, at this writing, were to catch hard working JOHN HANDY, Sunday, Aug. 31.


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