Proud of my sisters

by Donald Moss

This view that I’m seeing is beautiful and inspirational. I’m sitting here in my cell watching these protesters around the country for equal justice for all – no exception – and also accountability for wrongdoers.

Women-lead-march-1214-300x197, Proud of my sisters, News & Views For us, the public, and for law enforcement, no one is above the law. It’s time to dismantle this systematic racism in the criminal justice and penal system.

As I sit here watching this unfold on TV, I’m most proud of the women out there on the frontline, standing up for this cause. I’m not just giving praise to my African American sisters, but also to my Hispanic sisters, because experience similar treatment from the system.

But I’m also proud to see my Caucasian and Asian sisters for standing tall and marching for this cause. That’s a true representation of this country. As President Obama stated, “This is an American problem.”

In the Black and Brown community, this didn’t start in Ferguson or New York. The history of police abusive behavior and excessive use of force runs deep and stretches back through many decades. Change is needed.

I have my opinion on police, policing. But that’s not my reason for writing this letter. I wanted to express my appreciation for the women who are on the frontline and how diverse they are. I would like to thank you all for your time, your patience and your strength. The power is the people for change.

Push forward, staying strong. Thank you again.


Donald Moss

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