Disobedience is being Black or Brown


by Victor Garcia

“Disobedience is Being Black or Brown” – Art: Victor Garcia
“Disobedience is Being Black or Brown” – Art: Victor Garcia

I’ve been drawing all my life, drawing with everything but paint, but most of my art had no meaning. Other artists I have seen in the Bay View and other publications have inspired me to create this piece, which carries a message:

The pit bull, well, he represents America. Pit bulls are the most discriminated against, profiled, mistreated and executed dogs and the majority in any animal shelter in the USA – just like African Americans and Hispanics.

The baby in handcuffs represents the young boys torn away from their mothers or society to be eternally incarcerated in men’s penitentiaries – thus the “SB260” on the breast plate. The stripes on the jumpsuit and the American flag represent the bars that keep us captive.

The border wall, the crosses, the skull – those are the countless lives claimed by the murderous desert and all the dangers of the border. The boy above pleads for help.

The boy below holding the stuffed bear is turned back at the border, grief stricken because his mom is in the U.S.

The target banner riddled with bullet holes and the police beating represents everyday America – the Michael Browns, Trayvon Martins … human targets.

Barack Obama represents the power that is negated – the killings and impunitive injustices on his watch. Disobedience is being Black or Brown.

The devil represents hate, which he breeds into men’s hearts.

Send our brother some love and light: Victor Garcia, T-74427, PBSP SHU C1-114, P.O. Box 7500, Crescent City CA 95532.


  1. Beautiful art. And I (white male age 68) agree with your pit bull, African American and Hispanic comments, But only to a point and then I find you wrong.

    My parents did not like African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, lawyers, politicians, and most everybody. I was programmed to be the same. I left high school and entered the army. I lived with those others for ten years. Except for color and other things we were mostly all alike. Then i got out and moved to Houston, Texas, where i lived and worked and ate and played with all those others. We got along very well. One of my best friends was Rudy Guerrero, married to Sandy (white).

    The stripes on the American flag represent the freedom and opportunity to be noted for our colorful art, not just our colorful skin. Works in Houston.

    Why did that boy's mom choose to abandon him below the border? Did she just want the freedom and opportunity she could find under the flag's stripes, maybe in Houston where so many others do?

    Why did Michael Brown choose to break several laws and commit assault and battery on two people of color?

    Did he not love the freedom and opportunity he was given under the stripes of our flag? Not enough for him?

    Yesterday was MLK day. Had Brown not have chosen to defy the police officer who told him to get out of the middle of the street he could have marched with us yesterday down the middle of streets all across our land of the free.

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