The Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) are freedom fighters


by Charles Kambanda

FDLR are freedom fighters. Like many other armed and unarmed groups working hard to bring down Kagame’s oppressive, bloody junta, FDLR has my support and I encourage them to fight for their rights no matter what Kagame and his lobbyists say FDLR stands for.

Professor Charles Kambanda

Whether any superpower country supports Kagame’s bloody junta is immaterial. Victory is coming, and very soon. Like the South Africans defeated the apartheid regime which some superpowers initially supported, Rwandan freedom fighters will defeat Kagame and his reign of terror notwithstanding his Western supporters.

I call upon all people of good will, friends of Rwanda and all Rwandans to realize that until all Rwandans engage into an open dialogue, we shall continue to have Kagame’s manipulated narrative of the massacres that took place in Rwanda. Kagame and some of his assassins massacred the Hutu and Tutsi to create terror and chaos throughout the country when it had a predominantly Hutu government. It’s well documented that some Hutu massacred the Tutsi and Hutu too.

Blaming the Rwandan massacres on that Hutu government after it was defeated – as Kagame propaganda goes – is an absolute lie. It’s possible that some FDLR members perpetrated some crimes during the Rwandan massacres, but it is ridiculous to identify them as the sole perpetrators of the massacres of perhaps as many as a million people or more.

Rwanda needs a social-political environment where all parties will become part of their healing process – through dialogue – where there will be justice for all. Kagame’s junta does not create that environment.

Long live all Rwandan freedom fighters. We must bring an end to Kagame’s reign of terror.

Charles Kambanda is a Rwandan American attorney in New York City. He is also a former official in President Paul Kagame’s government. He can be reached at


  1. Most FDLR members were under 16 years old and majority of them were under 10 years old,
    You have to be ignorant to attribute genocide to those children who may want to fight for freedom for all Rwandans. Charles Kampanda has a strong reason to publish this article and therefore I support his ideas.

  2. Very sad to have had you in front of me as a lecturer at National University of Rwanda. You may be intelligent but not wise to seek good for your country (I now doubt it is yours). If you have familial problems of personal hate to Mr Kagame you better find a way to deal with it. Rwanda is not Kagame.

    Your FDLR are not only criminals in Rwanda but also in another country where they’ve been raping, killing and taking local people properties.

    Rwanda is not a chaos today as you wish in your statement, Rwanda is peaceful, the Kagame Junta your are saying is an abstract mindset of yours lead by hate to individuals that date of time maybe.

    We are peaceful happy and even ready to fight the devil of FDLR that you already declare support to, you are also an FDLR supporter from now, i did not know it yet, now you better drop the gown take a machette, military attire and Karashinikov and move to Buleusa aside FDLR leadership….

    Thank you my regret professor

    Your former and any longer student….John

  3. Terrible! How can someone write such article? The truth is that the author was not in Rwanda during genocide; those who were in Rwanda will tell the author what the truth is. And because the author was not in Rwanda, and now he happens to be in opposition group to the current government of Rwanda, he just writes whatever he wants against the government but he doesn’t know that he also hurts those who were in Rwanda and eye-witnessed what happened in Rwanda.

  4. Many of those now in the FDLR were not in Rwanda either. They weren’t born and may never even have been to Rwanda, though they speak Kinyarwanda. Others were children. Some members of the FDLR may have committed crimes in Rwanda in 1994, but none are more culpable than the current President of Rwanda Paul Kagame.

  5. A criminal is a criminal !!! It is sad to say that they are not criminal more Than Kagame !!!
    You accept that they are criminal !!!
    The problem is not Members ; Fdlr is with tutsi genocide vision in great lake !!!young Members have in their head that too!!!
    This man is shame for usa !!!
    You can found others arguments but all know about interahamwe !!!

  6. My concern is that the news from Rwanda is that Kagame administration has sent some solders disguised as civilians to start killing people in Congo in the name of FDLR. This means that the international community and humans rights organisations should start investigating. If this is true as reported by many people from the East and North of Rwanda who have seen solders crossing the borders, it could created another disaster or genocide for Hutu refugees living in Congo forest.

  7. But Prof Kambanda and those you mentioned that were not in Rwanda are not fully away of what happened in Rwanda and some such as Prof Kambanda being fans of FDLR reconstruct blindly the event in their own way to fulfil their own interest (their interest is to deny the genocide). Those who were in Rwanda know the truth and the truth is completely different from the content of this article and your comment.

  8. I was in Rwanda I know and saw what happened. I am glad for Mr Kambanda at least he is among few Tutsi who are honest!

  9. I am surprise to find out that comments have been removed !!!! Is it usual to remove inoffensive comments from this website? Has anyone asked for comments to be removed ?

    This article content reflects what most Rwandans and Africans think about Kagame. He has decimated the whole central Africa. Millions of innocent perished under his order or by his machine guns.

  10. Typical RPF tactic to suggest comments were removed as a way to cast a shadow on the poster. Knowing the Bayview, if comments WERE removed, it was because it was typical of the vile and outright crudity of the comments. This again, is a clever tactic to appear blameless when they are removed. I do not think the Bayview may have removed them for any other reason.
    Please see this thread of comments on Kagame's visit to Oxford to see the kind of comments that get left by RPF operatives:

  11. The Bay View does NOT remove comments except in the most extreme cases. I once asked them to remove a vulgar remark directed at me only one time during the six years I've been reporting on this.

    However, yesterday I asked the editor and webmaster why the comments were not showing up in the usual format, which made it possible to vote them up and down and or edit them. So my guess is that the webmaster may have changed the format comment and that may have lost some previous comments. I will find out.

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