Coup plotters sheltered by Rwanda declare war on Burundi


by Charles Kambanda

Dr. Charles Kambanda
Dr. Charles Kambanda

Rwanda is the official “hideout” for the Burundian government’s armed and unarmed “rebels” and/or opposition. Some Burundians in Rwanda, under Rwanda government protection, have openly declared war against the government of Burundi.

Kigali, which is the base for Burundian government armed and unarmed rebels and opposition, is hardly 100 miles from Burundi’s border with Rwanda.

Burundi and Rwanda are members of the East African community. Is Kagame’s decision to host and facilitate Burundi’s rebels, including those who participated in a coup in Burundi, consistent with the spirit and letter of the East Africa Community Treaty?

Is Kagame’s conspicuous support for Burundian “rebels” consistent with the ideals of good neighborhood? Is it consistent with the International Convention for the Protection of Refugees for Kagame to host and protect armed Burundians who “ran” away from Burundi after the coup?

Shouldn’t the world be looking into an independent committee to monitor Burundi’s borders to avoid an outright war between these two countries? Is Kagame’s role in Burundi’s crisis a secret anymore?

Is Kagame capable of ruining Burundi the same way he ruined DRC, especially North and South Kivu?

Are the U.N., the U.K. and the U.S. looking on as Kagame destroys Burundi so that the Western allies can later send an expensive U.N. peacekeeping force to Burundi the same way the world looked on as Kagame was destroying the Democratic Republic of the Congo?

Are the U.N., the U.K. and the U.S. looking on as Kagame destroys Burundi so that the Western allies can later send an expensive U.N. peacekeeping force to Burundi the same way the world looked on as Kagame was destroying the Democratic Republic of the Congo?

Rwandan American Dr. Charles Kambanda is a practicing attorney in New York City and a former professor at the National University of Rwanda. He was once a member of President Paul Kagame’s Rwandan Patriotic Front Party.



  1. U are Right Sir, the plan is to have a tutsi govment in Burundi to have a strong base so That he can Burundi to déstabilise Congo. Controling many borders to Congo is huge business.

  2. kagame would have planed to destable Burundi good luck, if Kagmae would plan to battle on burundi obvious tutsi burundian rebellion stay under Kagame's protection.

  3. Kagame is daydreaming. Burundians are not Congolese. He knows very well that Burundians won`t run away when he attacks their country and they are good fighters !!! He knows this by experience when he went there to help the former monoethinic army that was fighting the CNDD FDD rebels in the suburbs of Bujumbura !!!

  4. Jay,I would ke to remind you that talking about the trouth about Rwanda and Kagame is not hatred at all.I t is now a habit for the RPF to use such words like hate,genocide ideology and the like, to silence any opposing voice in order to do evil with impunity.But this will not stop people who want to tell the truth.
    I know you will say that I am full of hate,but I am not .

  5. We FDLR and HUTU all over the world, we are watching!! KAGAME will be finished before 2017. Dr KAMBANDA is right. Kagame wants to destabilise BURUNDI and put TUSI/HIMA government? THIS IS A NAIVE DREAM!! ALL HUTUS/BANTOUS WILL FIGHT until KAGAME IS DEAD

  6. Please try TO use the constructive talk. The names of Hutus and and Hima are not on the issue ,we Rwandans need unity for fighting against RPF and Kagame,ethnics and division aside we focus ahead so that Kagame will leave the office peacefully
    take care in your next post

  7. you are truly Hutu…….There is only one thing you never miss in ur pronunciation, kill and dead……………

  8. You know what, Mr Polo Kagame is the most wanted Lord-war in this planet. There are 40 arrest warrants from Spain plus 9 from France against him and his cycle. He just wants people no to think about his bloody hands. If he creates another war in this region, then all eyes would be at Burundi not at him, especially in changing “the constitution (article 101).

    In his bloody conflicts, he is pushing all his so-called people to SIGN TRACT LETTERS that he is only one person in his country to Rule the nation. Just imagine 12 millions of Rwandans, they can’t find someone to replace him after 20 years on chair! He, himself said, if you ruled your nation 20 years and then you can’t find someone to take your seat, you’re useless leader.

    We want whole world to listen this: If Mr KAGME tries to Change the Constitution (Article 101) that prevents him to run 3rd term, everything he built in 20 years would be ZERO and face consequences.

    Thank you Mr Kambalda for your everyday contribution. Our nation needs you in these dark days.

    To all our friends: Watch this:

  9. Dr. Charles Kambanda your are totally wrong, Rwanda doesn't want anything to do with Burundi, your people fled to Rwanda away from persecution in Burundi, we did not invite them. Human rights organisations are the one asking us to shelter them. SBW stands for good social justice, but when it comes to Rwanda, they just spread hate and lies about kagame. Get better bloggers not kambanda and ann, two stupid idiots. Now you are being stupid diverting the real issue. NKuruziza should step down as your constitution say. He has no mercy for people dying and refugee crisis in the neighboring countries. You are too stupid for a doctor to spread lies. Burundi is the poorest country in Africa and nkuruziza has contributed a lot to it's poverty. Live kagame alone and deal with your issues. FDLR around the world dream on, kagame will be hear and strong as ever. Rwanda is not creating Tutsi empire, you are just trying to divide the people for your benefit, playing the Hutu card won't help you, you have tried it several times and it has never worked, just innocent people die. Burundians and Rwandans are blessed with whom they are don't try to divided them with your propaganda. Being a doctor gives knowledge, but you luck common sense and wisdom

  10. is true that Kagame wants to control burundi but Burundi is not Congo let him try and he will see ,we are ready and we are waiting for him .

  11. Kabonero, you become more stupid than the one you are calling stupide. One can tell who you are easily. U can't argue that way. Attak the subject, not the person. And be polite. Hey!!

  12. Kagame must be arrested and prosecuted for the crimes he has committed. The we world is not going to stand by and let a criminal continue to run a country and continue his criminal activities.

  13. Do not focus too match to the big criminal Kagame, you may know that all Illuminati needs too much blood and earn the wide world resources. Never account Paul Kagame among the human may be a metamorphosed naja.

  14. Kagame is driving straigth to the hole. Whoever wants to drive with him, go ahead.
    Remember! Rwanda has never won the war against Burundi.
    I like how this fellow Kabonero intervenes! very smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Why spread such baseless lies? Why should the problem of #Nkurunzinza be shifted to #Kagame? Burundi should solve their own problems and desist from shifting blame. Rwanda has nothig to do with Burundi, so take elsewhere your baseless and one sided journals

  16. Darwin, when you don't know, when ignorant, just keep quiet. Let people who know speak. You have no place to argue with ignorance of facts.

  17. @Kidodo, you are the ignorant one, you guys are shifting issues to kagame when Nkuruziza is just a failure. Do you want Rwanda to send back the refuges fleeing Burundi?? Nkuruziza has failed his country, Burundi is lagging behind compared to the progress Rwanda has made. Kagame is a visionary leader, unlike that crook you are trying to defend. You have extremist here who just can't see facts, and just hate the progress Rwanda is making under kagame. We don't need your approval, we will be just fine.
    The weird part about Burundians and Rwandans that live in exile think they can all be politicians. Learn from other Africans that move to the west to get educated and better themselves, find jobs and advance in life like Nigerians or Ghanaians. These groups have great jobs in the west, they work hard but you guys just sit one welfare and seek funds to just oppose anything from your motherland. You sell yourselves and your country men, to just survive and stay stupid.

  18. Who is this idiot Kabonero ??? Kagame have done nothing but killing innocent people to rich himself. Andrew when he could no longer kill Hutus and Congolese, he turn to kill the same Tutsi that helped him get on power. Kagame is no visionary, but a stupid criminal who belongs behind bars. You better believe it, his days are over.

  19. @morgan dream on boy, your are entitled your stupid opinions of kagame. You will never be half of a man kagame is. Call me stupid but facts are facts, Rwanda is peaceful, people are happy. Stay sad with your foolish propaganda. Everywhere people die, hutus Tutsi, and Congolese died because of old bad politics, we are trying rise above it. You guys just refuse to accept, that your are wrong and your hate for kagame is just a waste of your time. We hear in Rwanda are advancing while you stay stupid. Burunidi crisis is not about hutu and Tutsi, it's about a terrible leader who wont leave, don't make it about tribes or kagame. the only reason your attack kagame is because things are working. unlike our neighbors in congo and Burundi. We are used to the hate, it motivates us, keep it coming
    Read this great peace in TWP

  20. Dr Kambanda, it is true disappointment to read false allegations from an Eminant personnality like you. I am from Burundi and you have no doubt that I follow the situation very closely, let me then inform you that no one, be they individuals or groups, have declared war on Burundi.
    Your allegations are all the more disappointing because they tend to create insecurity, suspicions between the people of the two countries. Is that what YOU want?
    Please review your sources, if any, and re-write another thesis to amend this one. It is necessary. Contact me if you need help.

  21. Do you know the book "The nazi doctors"?

    it's about how doctors were involved in the scientific killing during world war II in the camps. One of them accepted to be enroled in the camps because the heads of the camp assured him that he would be able to go on with his PhD while being in the Auschwitz camp. Just to encourage you to keep humble with your "Dr" title.

    Second remark: if you look at the facebook or twitter of Pacifique Nininahazwe today, you will see how he condems the killing of an Imbonerakure yesterday, because every human live is precious.

    I just want to emphasize the fact that I am more touched by someone going into the research for peace and justice, freedom of press, suppress of torture, etc. than by your arguments (even if I agree with you that the neighbouring country if far from perfect- like you and me, we are also far from being perfect – true or false?)

  22. Kambanda and your friends out there, do u think u are ever gonna be blesses because of u're hate and useless messages? We the Rwandans in the country, know very much where we came from and what we have achieved under the leadership of Paul Kagame. We have confidence in this man coz he is able to take Rwanda to another level as far as security, development are concerned. Keep talking your nonsense as we keep moving. I am quite sure there is gonna be a day when you and your friends will like, how do I get out of this rubbish and go back to my mother land.

  23. Since kagame inveded congo in 1996, around 7 million people from burundi, congo and Rwanda have been deliberately killed by his troups. 1/3 of every congolese women have been raped by kagame’s personnel. Kagame killed burundian refugees who were living in refugee camps in congo in 1996. Kagame and his group are above the law none in the world can bring him to justice!. People in African community criticise international courts. These courts can not judge people like kagame! They only need to judge innocent people and prouve them guilt! We need people to raise voice until kagame and his team are brought to justice for killing burundians and other nationalities.keep on with good work to speak on behalf of victims.

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