Strange fruit

by Anthony Robinson Jr.

Incarcerated-Tears-by-Anthony-Robinson-Jr.-197x300, Strange fruit, Abolition Now!
Anthony Robinson Jr. is the author of “Incarcerated Tears: Book of Poems Vol. 1.”

The cherry blossoms with a bullet in its pit because its

roots have been watered by the muffled screams of slaves

hanging from its branches … A child plants a prayer in the

garden of his mother’s mind next to his father’s broken dreams;

she raises him on bitter milk and cold cereal: a meal she deems

fitting to prepare him for the world. I sometimes wonder if

Trayvon Martin and Oscar Grant are in heaven writing an epistle

to the people on the same bullet? I imagine it would read:

“To the Black and minority people of revolutionary merit,

our communities have become the death blossoms

that the power structure in America uses as rationalizations

to parade its paramilitary and institutionalized

mass incarcerating agendas to wipe out a colorless class …

Colorless in regards to any political hue that would give

us the power to paint our visions with the vibrant expressions

of self-determination to act in our communities and in the

world as productive contributors to the will of humanity.

Remember, our lives were taken with the consent of state

sanctioned jurisprudence under the watch of a Black president.

We wanted our lives to be more than a few sad songs and photographs

pasted onto the collective subconscious of the American people.

We see the true people of merit organizing, protesting, marching …

We’ve tuned in so much to the rhythms of the people’s heart

for change that we threw a concert in heaven so that we could

watch the angels dance.

Some of them hadn’t cut up in a while.

We are tired of dancing, but we’re noticing that the

music is getting louder. Please, don’t let them stop

the music; now it seems we can’t rest without it.

Sincerely, Trayvon and Oscar”

The cherry blossoms fall from their stems

willingly in order to be free of the noose.

Falling with the determined strength to live free,

they plunge into the soil similar to slaves overboard cargo

ships plunging into the ocean with the purest memory of

freedom in their hearts …

Black and minority people have been pitted against so

many antagonisms and contradictions that it is hard

for us to recognize the value of our seed.

Maybe it is more important for us to remember the source

from which our water is gathered: inner strengths like love,

faith and determination …

Yes! We are proudly recognizing that we are strange fruit in

America; strange because once we blossom into the people we

are meant to be, only God will recognize our names …

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