A father’s journey

The joy of fatherhood: Helpful tips for fathers and men who want to become fathers

by guest writer Keon Sutton, via columnist Morris Turner

Dad wears some shoes that I may never fit. But the examples he displays I hope will help me be able to wear the shoes God designed to carry me through my journey.

Although I have not yet been able to make my way back to my father’s house, I can equate myself to the prodigal son described in the Bible. I do know that he will welcome me because during my self-destructive ordeals he has been my beacon and never once wavered in being my refuge.

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A prison sentence can sever the bonds between father and son, but with plenty of love and hard work, the bonds can be strengthened. – Art: Roger “Rab” Moore, G-02296, HDSP D3-121, P.O. Box 3030, Susanville CA 96127

There are others who currently wear shoes similar to mine and this thought is rendered for the purpose of their enlightenment and also in helping them to evaluate their priorities. The torch must be carried for the continuation of fatherly integrity, and examples set by the few genuine fathers must be preserved by us who have been taught the defining aspects of fatherhood by those worthy fathers.

I can say that my father was and still is a worthy father. My engineered plights have not changed the substance that makes him who he is within himself and who he is to me. My father is a Worthy Man.

To my fellow confined men, I encourage you to think about your fatherly journey if you have children. You must strive to dignify your father by living in the light of his integrity, personified by the things he did to be colored a father.

My father is a dad, a friend and a dependable guide who brought me to this point of clarity. It is because of him that my blueprint of fatherhood has become a priority.

He, my father, wears a mighty big pair of shoes and I have no doubt that God guides his steps. Since his shoes are too big for me, I have now decided to wear my own as he wears his, and to encourage others to come along for the journey.

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