Coltrane Church needs to remain in the Jazz Preservation District


The Coltrane Church, a pillar of the community known worldwide, is concerned it may be pushed out of its home in the West Bay Center and is asking readers to call West Bay, at 415-749-6470, and Center Director Floyd Trammell, at 415-336-7033. Here is a script for your call:

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Archbishop Franzo King, pastor of the Coltrane Church, preaches to splendid musical accompaniment. – Photo: SF Chronicle

“Hello, I am with (name of organization). My name is …

“I am calling to express my concern for the ongoing residency and survival of the Saint John Coltrane African Orthodox Church located in the West Bay Community Center.

“The Coltrane Church is the last cultural, spiritual and historical institution in the Jazz Preservation District. The church has been serving the city of San Francisco and the Fillmore for more than 47 years.

“Archbishop King and the Coltrane Church continue to be the clear voice of conscience, not willing to compromise the need for justice and equality for Black, Brown, poor and oppressed people.

“I encourage you to recognize the value of the Coltrane Church – to understand it as a cornerstone institution, to see the strength that it brings to the city of San Francisco and the Jazz Preservation District.

“No more can we continue to put profit over people and suffer the displacement of the African American people and the closing of churches and other spiritual institutions.”

Archbishop King can be reached at