Support the loved and loyal Bay View: Keep the voice of the people alive

by Damu Katika Chimurenga

Brothas and Sistas,

Revolutionary salutations and conscious overstanding unto you all, especially those of you at Bay View National Black Newspaper and Behind ‘Enemy’ Lines from those of us solid Black prisoners on 4A SHU (2L). I recently received a renewal subscription from Bay View and unfortunately I am unable to financially renew my subscription at this time, which has truly saddened and frustrated me – deeply.

George-Jackson-University-Knowledge-is-Power-art-by-Damu-Katika-Chimurenga-web-300x231, Support the loved and loyal Bay View: Keep the voice of the people alive, Abolition Now!
“George Jackson University: Knowledge Is Power” symbolizes GJU supporters, the steadfast protectors of Blackness, the Black nation and the land, the artist says. – Art: Damu Katika Chimurenga (Hayward Mayhan)

During these 14 years straight of Security Housing Unit time I’m forced to endure, the Bay View has been – and will hopefully continue to be – my stabilizer, mentally, the komrade, homie as well as the teacher and tutor for myself and many others in these SHU, Ad-Seg etc. prison industrial slave complex isolation units.

Without this true sense of knowledge and wise information, many men in these confines will no doubt either start to lose their minds or begin to seek out senseless types of recreation and/or curriculums, which I’m sure you can imagine.

So I – we – ask those of you, the “haves” and those who’re able to please subscribe or make a donation to the loved and loyal Bay View National Black Newspaper. You’ll be blessing and aiding many of us who are not able, at times, to support this prestigious newspaper – like they support us even when they are not shown the proper support from the Black community and the oppressed and poverty stricken masses.

Please, we urge you, be a positive and productive example like the Bay View and its staff members and supporters and “do the right thang!” Donate something soon. Let’s continue to strive and struggle to keep the voice of the people alive.

Profound love, unity and respect,

Brotha Damu Katika Chimurenga

Send our brother some love and light: Hayward L. Mayhan, P-60322, Cor SHU 4A2L-41L, P.O. Box 3476, Corcoran, CA 93212.