They’re releasing us to GP, where they’d rather see us war and kill one another off

by Justin Kijana Askari Grant, NCTT Cor SHU

My beautiful brothers and sisters, I’d like you to join in celebrating and rejoicing over the fact that after a combined total of over 65 years in the SHU, our brothers Zaharibu, Heshima and Kambui, after surviving decades of unprovoked torture, have been released to general population. This is in fact proof that through agitation, small victories can be won.

Justin Askari Grant
Justin Askari Grant

I also want to point out the phenomenon that it is not by mere coincidence that the administration all of a sudden decided to release all of us freedom fighters to GP so abruptly after the assassination of our beloved Hugo Pinell on Aug. 12. This expedient release at this time for all of us in fact is a passive aggressive provocation to ensure that violence as well as the tactic of separate, conquer and destroy can be employed in a covert way – luckily they had to let us out to attempt this – and prove to the public that the Black Guerrilla Family is indeed a criminal organization, which will ensure the recycling of us right back into the SHU. By “us” I speak of validated convicts.

The prison system is only a microcosm of the outside society at large in which the ruling class government does its best to implement the same agenda, only with more vessels. They, inside and out, have always favored separation and/or mass murder and conflict amongst the 99 percent rather than camaraderie or even only peaceful tolerance.

They’d rather see us war and kill one another off. That way, they can not only pack us in torture units (SHU) and keep our focus out of the true windows of oppression – them – but also so that the mass number of us can stay in an unconscious slumber that includes but isn’t limited to drug sales and use, human exploitation and misguided aggression. It would also be easy, as has been proven, to just recycle those in the ghetto – Blacks, Browns, poor whites etc. – to take the place of us here who either are victims of the non-stop provoked violence, poor health care or old age.

This expedient release at this time is a passive aggressive provocation to ensure that violence as well as the tactic of separate, conquer and destroy can be employed in a covert way. They’d rather see us war and kill one another off. 

This is one of the reasons the Prison Industrial Slave Complex needs its counterpart slave system. It gains strength from on the outside as well, because without it, prison could not and would not exist! This is in direct relation as to why the administration has kept so many comrades in lockup all these years, because we know exactly what they are doing as a whole system and combat it from every angle and dedicate our lives to teaching all who are receptive how to combat it as well.

You know, the establishment says revolution is lawless, absurd and won’t be tolerated. They say we are rebelling, but rebelling against what is a question all involved should ask themselves from purely an objective standpoint only, even the onlookers.

The leading cause of resistance is oppression, and any time any group of people resist against oppression or in fact even attempt to educate themselves about it, they/ you/ we become a threat to their security and must become, what, further oppressed! They in themselves are the complete and thorough definition of contradiction at its highest.

We will never live on our knees. We may have to die on our feet so that one day we can live on our feet.

Send our brother some love and light: Justin Askari Grant, AK-4862, Cor SHU 4B1L-30, P.O. Box 3481, Corcoran CA 93212. NCTT Cor SHU is short for New Afrikan Collective Think Tank in the Corcoran SHU.