AfroSolo Theatre Company honors Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett


Dr.-Carlton-Goodlett-by-CBS5, AfroSolo Theatre Company honors Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett, Culture Currents
When Dr. Carlton Goodlett spoke, people and the media listened.

San Francisco’s award-winning AfroSolo Theatre Company celebrates the life of Dr. Carlton Benjamin Goodlett (July 23, 1914 – Jan. 25, 1997) during San Francisco History Days at the Old Mint, March 4-6, 2 p.m., at the Old Mint, 88 Fifth St. in San Francisco. Dr. Goodlett was a physician, psychologist, newspaper publisher, political activist and civil rights leader in San Francisco.

The event will feature more than 75 exhibitors, including the SF Bay View newspaper, celebrating the history of San Francisco.

On Saturday, March 5, Thomas Robert Simpson, founder and artistic director of AfroSolo, will host a forum entitled “Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett: The Man, His Life and the Street Named After Him.” The remainder of the weekend he will host a booth honoring Dr. Goodlett’s life.

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Black power was in the room when Ossie Davis, Dr. Nathan Hare, Black Panther co-founder Bobby Seale and Dr. Carlton Goodlett, partially obscured at right, conferred.

From 1951 until his death, Dr. Goodlett was the owner of Reporter Publishing Co., which published the Sun-Reporter and the California Voice weekly newspapers in Northern California. Whether it be the Black Panther Party, the student strike at San Francisco State University, union organizing or political activism, Goodlett was intimately involved.

He was well traveled and a member of a number of international bodies. The street in front of San Francisco’s City Hall is named after him.

“I am very honored to be saluting Dr. Goodlett,” said Simpson. “He was instrumental in AfroSolo’s success,” he added. For more information, visit or call 415-771-2376. The event is free.