Black Friday: What legacy will you leave?

Independent film highlights causes of economic deficits within Black communities

Oakland – Uppity Edutainment presents “Black Friday: What Legacy Will You Leave” on April 21, 2016. Ric Mathis, executive producer of Mathis Multimedia Group, will explore in this documentary why African Americans have consistently remained in the lowest percentile of America’s wealth gap, while also presenting insight on how to restore the circulation of wealth in Black communities.

Dr.-Umar-Johnson-in-film-Black-Friday-300x168, Black Friday: What legacy will you leave?, Culture Currents
Dr. Umar Johnson and many more popular, knowledgeable experts are in the “Black Friday” cast.

Topics of discussion include negative spending habits, introduction of financial literacy during early stages of development, and the absence of support for African-American owned businesses by Black consumers. Mathis says, “’Black Friday’ is the Noah’s Ark of economics. If you are not up on this, you risk drowning in a sea of debt.”

After discovering the alarming imbalance of Black spending compared to economic growth among the Black community, Mathis used his expertise to educate and provoke change with the film “Black Friday.” The film not only targets these issues but, more importantly, provides solutions that can be applied for the betterment of the community.

Among other prominent figures, author Hill Harper, TV personality Cynthia Bailey and Grammy award- winning artist and activist David Banner will provide their insight on money management skills and maintaining economic stability. The ultimate goal of “Black Friday: What Legacy Will You Leave” is to inform and incite change in urban communities nationwide, hopefully helping Black families leave legacies for generations to come.

Ric Mathis along with Dr. George Fraser of The Power Networking Conference and Dr. David Anderson, founder of The Empowerment Radio Network, will delve into a dynamic question and answer session.

Mathis says, “’Black Friday’ is the Noah’s Ark of economics. If you are not up on this, you risk drowning in a sea of debt.”

This Bay Area screening will be unique: Not only are there several accessible venues but local resources to assist in financial literacy too! Screening locations are Oakstop, 1721 Broadway, Oakland; The Black Repertory Group Theater, 3201 Adeline, Berkeley; and Merritt College (see ticketing site for auditorium). More screening locations are being added for Richmond and San Francisco. For tickets and additional information, please visit or call 510-592-8733 for in person ticket purchase.

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