Yog been through hell and was not burnt

by Roderick Lear

The SHU, the wars, the times and obviously the love and hate he experienced made Yog who he was.

Hugo-L.A.-Pinell-as-a-young-man-art-by-Kiilu-Nyasha-1015-219x300, Yog been through hell and was not burnt, Abolition Now!
Hugo L.A. Pinell, legendary leader of the California Prison Movement who was held in solitary confinement for a record 46 years, then assassinated in prison on Aug. 12, 2015, was affectionately known as Yogi Bear and often called Yogi or Yog. This is his likeness as a young man. – Art: Kiilu Nyasha

When I met him in 2001, I of course had read about him and heard the stories, but I was definitely not prepared to meet anyone like that.

One of the letters in the Bay View said Yog taught him how to “time travel”; that sounds about right. Yog was a hot mess in that regard; his mind was not always grounded but that also was one of his strengths. He had his own world in there.

He was also emotionally raw, which was a double-edged sword in so many ways. He suffered no betrayals – that would send him into a frenzy. He would curse you out, tears in his eyes, and hoop and holla.

Yog also had a strong attachment to his fallen brothers, and it was not uncommon to hear him in dialogue with W.L. (Nolan), Howard Tolles etc.

To say the least, I was intrigued by him. I would sit at his feet for hours listening to the stories, the sadness and the triumph, but more than anything how he and his men celebrated love. I was in awe.

You couldn’t teach me about theory, ideology, and I honestly was never quite sure of his politics. Only one thing I knew for sure: Yog gave his whole life to a people he literally loved to death.

There was quite a few occasions I stood next to Yog when the racists would try to isolate Blacks from him and use his flaws against him to have brothers turn on him, which you would think is impossible, but sadly you would be wrong.

I went against many a man in defending Yog’s name from the haters, double agents, pigs and racists. I knew why Yog was like he was – many men here try to shine light on their own names or their experiences, but Yog didn’t do that because he didn’t have to. Yog been through hell and was not burnt.

Only one thing I knew for sure: Yog gave his whole life to a people he literally loved to death.

Yog introduced me to the Bay View paper – Monique D. Code, Sista Kiilu Nyasha – which all was a blessing and I’ve been readin’ and hearin’ about articles y’all had on him, but I must say there is a lot of bullshit too.

When he died, some of those same men y’all print their letters (they know who they are) told me Yog was foul, no good, and that’s what he gets. No bullshit. Which I had to let them know that’s house nigga talk. But he went through that his whole life.

This is not the time nor place to air it out, but it’s also no secret so I’ll say it straight out: Not only was it a conspiracy, some of these Black Black Black cats was in on it as well and, as I stated, celebrated his death just as the Nazis did.

Yog been through hell and was not burnt.

I also read a letter Yog wrote to Kiilu Nyasha about the AEH (Agreement to End Hostilities) deal and that’s too bad if you fall for that “bullshit.” We are not racist. We embrace everyone, especially those fighting against oppression, so why are we the main ones talkin’ that shit?

Where is the Nazis’ publication or Mexican publications screaming we’re all equal, we all deserve respect, we’re all beautiful, we’re all people!

A quick aside: Some of those cats y’all print their articles has told me straight up that’s just hype. They know these other people ain’t wit it. They’re just tryin’ to get out the SHU, which is fine but should be stated.

I say be skeptical of all these so-called leaders actin’ like their OGs just ‘cause they had a birthday. But I was shocked Yog fell into that talk when he already knew from 2001 in PBSP that these other races were tryin’ to fan racial tension so their leadership could tell the pigs they need to be let out the SHU so they can control their homies.

Me and Yog spoke about that when they were being escorted in the SHU to talk to everyone to see if they could get us to play their game. You should read the book “The Black Hand” from the Mexican Mafia dropout.

Anyways, I already said enough. I just wanted to say please be careful on the way forward. Do not depend on no one and let’s not wait for anyone. It’s Black and Brown love even without the Mexican Mafia. It’s unity amongst the masses even without holdin’ hands with racists. And it’s a Black thing even without falling for that double talk those super Black cats are screamin’ and it doesn’t need to be verified.

We don’t need to run to the pig to let us be MAC reps or peacekeepers or to work shit out amongst ourselves; that’s all crazy talk! We’re not doin’ this for their benefit. We’re not looking for certificates or accolades – and if we are, it’s a joke. We do this because we believe bullshit ain’t nothin!

I just wanted to say please be careful on the way forward. Do not depend on no one and let’s not wait for anyone. It’s Black and Brown love even without the Mexican Mafia.

So again, please be mindful.

Lastly, I wanted to say something about Yog’s controlling case; I don’t think he ever got over that. I believe he was innocent, but its fuck all that – fuck rape, fuck gang bangin’ murders, fuck killing or hurting innocent people, fuck exploiting women, fuck preying on the people “in any form.” Rape is no better or worse.

I’m sayin’ fuck everything this system got us doing. Fuck that whole culture. But that’s the point: Fuck this whole system and its logic.

I told Yog he could use his voice to denounce a lot, but he didn’t feel me. But that’s what he wasn’t – a predator. He upheld women. They were never bitches and hoes, and he didn’t have a bunch of porn mags celebrating gang raping females or sperm in their eyes or none of that filthy shit.

And just for the sake of argument, let’s say Yog committed that sin. The man he became redeemed himself a million times over through blood, sweat and tears.

Enough said,

Ricc Rocc Lear

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