Professor Griff of Public Enemy speaks on Micah Johnson and the media


The People’s Minister of Information JR Valrey

Professor Griff
Professor Griff speaks wit’ Public Enemy’s legendary Minister of Information Professor Griff about mainstream media trying to link him to the alleged Black Afghan war vet sniper Micah Johnson. Although there is a photograph of Professor Griff with Micah at one of Griff’s many speaking events, Professor Griff tells us in his own voice that he doesn’t know Micah Johnson.

Check out what Professor Griff has to say about the mainstream media’s character assassination attempt.

The People’s Minister of Information JR Valrey is associate editor of the Bay View, author of “Block Reportin’“ and “Unfinished Business: Block Reportin’ 2“ and filmmaker of “Operation Small Axe“ and “Block Reportin’ 101,” available, along with many more interviews, at He can be reached at


  1. Complete bs. they had to find, let alone use that picture when this guy Dallas was military , has F. Book, Social media, couda used any picture. What's Ironic is that you, Chuck., KRS, have spoken about authoritarian police for years, decades. Goes much deeper. Keep spreading the word. – much support brother
    Dante , NYC- long time listener

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