by Laura Savage

I’m not shuckin’ and jivin’ for you!
I’m not gonna be yo’ house nigger!

I will look you in your eye …
then drink from that water fountain you’re standing by.
YES! I will.

I’m the modern day Nat Turner, Marcus Garvey, Harriet Tubman, Ida B. Wells, Pauli Murray, Lumumba, El Hajj Malik El Shabazz – that’s Malcolm if you ain’t in the know. I’m Elaine Brown, Bobby Seale, Ericka Huggins, Serena and Venus Williams – with the backhand!

Oh yes. That’s ME.
The one you hate!
The one you try to discredit,
The one you fear,
The one you lurk behind bushes and tap phones to get rid of.
That’s ME!

I’m on that side.
The side the keeps one of your eyes open at night …
Cuz you regret teaching me how to read and write.
I’m on the side of the fence boosting people over to get to FREEDOM.

Malcolm-X-armed-looks-out-window-208x300, FREEDOM, Culture Currents Free from your boot on their necks.
Free from your bullets tearing their flesh.
Free from your version of history …
that ends with my people being nothing,
giving nothing,
doing nothing,
having NOTHING.

You mad?

Right on, Right on, Right on.
I said … Right on that you mad, Right on!

Betta’ watch yo’ back!

I’m standing by the window
with my rifle, in case …
you get outta line …
come TOO close and
try to take what’s mine …

Laura Savage is a Bay Area-based freelance writer. She can be reached at