The Lower Bottom Playaz proudly presents ‘Mama at Twilight: Death by Love’ by Ayodele Nzinga

Previews Jan. 12, runs through Jan. 29 at The Flight Deck, 1540 Broadway, Oakland – advance tickets on sale now

“Mama at Twilight: Death by Love” is a love story that offers a frank examination of family life in the inner-city as it intersects mass incarceration, poor access to health care, religious taboos and struggles under the burden of imposed tropes of man and womanhood. The Jefferson family is an American family trying to find their way to the American dream with a closet full of family secrets that make love a difficult and bruising task. This is the story of their roadblocks, the societal obstacles and the burden of their undying love for one another.

Dr.-Ayodele-Nzinga-300x184, The Lower Bottom Playaz proudly presents ‘Mama at Twilight: Death by Love’ by Ayodele Nzinga, Culture Currents
Dr. Ayodele Nzinga is founder and director of the Lower Bottom Playaz and also the lead planner for Oakland’s new Black Arts Movement Business District (BAMBD).

The Lower Bottom Playaz traditionally offer works that interrogate the experience of being human through the lens of the North American African experience. “Mama at Twilight: Death by Love” follows this tradition and closes the Playaz’ Season17: Ubuntu.

This is a reprisal of the work that toured Northern California in 2009 to enthusiastic audiences and was produced by the City of Oakland as a part of National Aids week to draw attention to the necessity of testing to prevent the spread of HIV.

Purchase your tickets early and join Oakland’s premiere North American Theater Company as they celebrate Mama’s return to Oakland. This powerful piece of theater offers community talk backs with the writer-director and performers following Sunday matinees. This work is highly recommended for high school students, transitional housing units, families and those affected by mass incarceration.

Deeply discounted group rates are available by special arrangement. Please call or email for details.

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