Camp 120 in front of City Hall is protesting Mayor Lee and DA Gascón’s failure to charge SFPD killer cops

by Camp 120

San Francisco – To honor the call for 120 hours of direct actions to uphold the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., local community organizers have been camping out in front of San Francisco’s City Hall until Jan. 20, 2017, they have the bets essentials for camping, they even read the Survival Cooking list of best coolers to get ready for the camping experience. They kicked off their camp-out with a free community concert Tuesday night that mobilized over 150 youth, parents and community members.

Camp-120-protests-no-killer-cops-charged-SF-City-Hall-0116-2017-by-Dave-Id-IndyBay-web-300x225, Camp 120 in front of City Hall is protesting Mayor Lee and DA Gascón’s failure to charge SFPD killer cops, Local News & Views
Camp 120 is bringing the people’s demand to charge killer cops right to the steps of City Hall, where they’re camping for the 120 hours from Martin Luther King Day to Inauguration – or HellNawguration – Day, Jan. 16-20. – Photo: Dave Id, IndyBay

Camp 120 is occupying space in front of City Hall to highlight the ineffectiveness and inaction of DA Gascón and Mayor Ed Lee regarding the heightened policing of Black and Brown residents by the San Francisco Police Department. As an organized effort between students, families, organizers and homeless people, we’re connecting our issues as working people in San Francisco.

On Feb. 26, 2015, Amilcar was shot in the back six times by plainclothes police officers. We have been organizing and mobilizing non-violently for nearly two years and have yet to see justice for his murder.

Based on the autopsy report showing six shots to the back of Amilcar’s body, the lack of any evidence that Amilcar confronted the plainclothes officers and many other details, Mayor Ed Lee and DA Gascón must hold their police officers accountable for the murder of Amilcar, as well as the other 10 pending cases against the SFPD. In light of national patterns of unwarranted police brutality, we expect SF officials to take heed of the people’s demands or be held accountable for the incompetence of SFPD.

We’re bringing our issues directly to City Hall – to the doorstep of this supposed democracy. We have played this system’s games – attended hearings across city agencies, held community forums, led non-violent vigils and marches, and are NOT satisfied with the lack of response and action taken by the people who have been elected or appointed.

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