Standing Rock invaded, Oceti Sakowin Camp evicted

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Late yesterday, Feb. 22, law enforcement invaded the main camp at Standing Rock, Oceti Sakowin, to evict the water protectors who had been desperately trying to move everything from the flood plain, where thousands of people were camped just a couple of months ago. During the invasion, all media were cut off and about 10 mediamakers arrested. – Photo: Democracy Now!

by John Reimann

Worse than before square one: being arrested and demolished and persecuted in SILENCE! They’ve shut down live feeds – must be an illegal block – and are behaving in ways that keep the media from being able to cover what’s happening.

They warned that they would come at 2:00 on the 22nd but came hours later, so there would be no media coverage. Please post and repost so this message can reach the people it should.

It makes me sick to post this: The raid has begun at Standing Rock (per Sunny Savage, who is there). There is apparently a standoff happening right now. Backwater Bridge has been opened, and there are large numbers of police, DAPL security, and National Guard circling the water protectors.

Raids and mass arrests are imminent. (So far, according to Democracy Now, below, only about 10 mediamakers have been arrested, possibly including the Bay View’s team.)

Apparently, Trump is behind this. Live feeds are blocked. Media are not there, except for TYT. Send love and support by reposting if you will.

#IndigenousLivesMatter #NoDAPL #TrumpsAChump #IndigenousAndProud #NativeLives #Sing #StandTogether

This message came to the Bay View via Raymond Nat Turner, It will be updated as soon as more information is available.

From Democracy Now Feb. 23 headlines: Prayer ceremonies were held on Wednesday, and part of the camp was set on fire before the eviction began. One 17-year-old girl was badly injured. Water protectors say the resistance camp sits on Sioux territory unceded under the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie and that they have a right to remain on their ancestral land. A couple dozen people are still remaining at the camp.