1. Prison Reform is a Wall Street Joke on Main Street. Wall Street Criminals Profit Big-Time on Prisons. So Let's talk 90% Abolition of Prisons. Most people, 90%, in prison can safely live in the community. But Wall Street Profits won't let this happen.

  2. – Beside big industrial zones: Duc Hoa III, Tan Phu Trung, Tay Bac Cu Chi Industrial Zone, International University, I live in and work here.
    The area is diverse: 8x16m, 4x18m, 5x20m, 7x20m, 12x20m.
    – The front of province road 9, My Hanh Bac commune, Duc Hoa district, Long An.
    – 7 km from Hau Nghia town.
    – Ho Chi Minh City 9Km.
    – 30km from Moc Bai border gate, Tay Ninh province (in the direction of Provincial Highway 8, Highway 22).
    – 20km from Thu Dau Mot Town, Binh Duong Province (through Provincial Road 8 and Phu Cuong Bridge).
    – An Suong intersection 24.5 km, Tan Son Nhat international airport 30km and Ho Chi Minh City inner city 35km (Direction Truong Chinh An Suong Intersection Highway 22 (Trans Asia) Cu Chi Bridge Provincial Highway 8.
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