Neo-Nazi pro-Trump rally: Civil war in Berkeley – no cops

by Davey D

These are the faces of Berkeley, in Martin Luther King Park?! – Photos: Davey D

Went out to MLK Civic Center Park in downtown Berkeley to watch fight after fight after fight take place between neo-Nazi pro-Trump supporters and folks who came out to defend against fascism and to defend the Bay.

For the most part, the Trump folks who were bold enough to wave flags and chant “F— the Bay and Build a Wall” got stomped out over and over again. One cat, after talking smack, got beat so bad they had to haul him off to the hospital.

The police stayed in the cuts and let folks go at it. So during the melee, we were hit with pepper spray and bear mace. The few Black folks there were advised to be wary because they are key targets for the racists who gathered there.

No one really said anything bold, but these folks are down to run up, stab you and keep it moving.

Over 1,500 people showed up. On the neo-Nazi pro-Trump side, the folks in their ranks included bikers, Oath Keepers and an array of misfits and rejects looking for a way to belong.

Some of these folks look like the types of cats who would run up and do a mass shooting. Awkward and outcast, these are the types who never fit in and then wanna seek revenge by linking up with extreme movements.

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