Why so many suicides at Lane Murray Unit, a Texas women’s prison?

by Britney Gulley

Angela-Moyo-protests-commodifying-prisoners-at-CCA-prison-people-do-not-equal-dollars-300x172, Why so many suicides at Lane Murray Unit, a Texas women’s prison?, Abolition Now!
“We are a commodity!” Britney Gulley declares, explaining that Lane Murray Unit keeps its ad-seg, where women are held indefinitely in solitary confinement, full for no other reason than the extra money the prison receives for prisoners in ad-seg. Here, Angela Moyo, with a dollar bill over her mouth, makes the same point: People do not equal dollars!

For women in Texas prisons, it’s a perpetual fight. After five long, atrocious years of mental, emotional and physical abuse in prolonged solitary confinement at Lane Murry Unit – infamously nicknamed “Miserable Murray” – I have suffered tremendously. I, along with numerous other women from ad-seg (administrative segregation) at Lane Murray Unit, are victims.

I am currently at Skyview Unit, which is a mental hospital for prisoners suffering mental illness or have attempted and/or survived suicide. Thankfully, I’m temporarily at a better place, at the moment! But after being released from psychiatric care, I’ll be returning back to the “dungeon,” ad-seg at Lane Murray Unit.

Being in ad-seg for so long has been detrimental to my health. Prolonged solitary confinement at Lane Murray Unit, along with the abuse from the hands of correctional officers, weakens many women’s mental and emotional state. For most of the women from Lane Murray Unit, their psychosis is unstable.

I have never suffered mental or emotional illness until now! Statistics show that more than 85 percent of prisoners in solitary confinement suffer from PTSD and depression after being confined for a great amount of time.

This shows that prolonged solitary confinement is legal abuse, which violates the Eighth Amendment, prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment. More than 95 percent of the women at Skyview Unit are suffering from depression, and over 80 percent of the women are from ad-seg at Lane Murray.

Skyview Unit is a refuge from Lane Murray Unit. Skyview Unit is a heavenly haven compared to Lane Murray, which is basically Hell, the devil’s playground.

Statistics show that more than 85 percent of prisoners in solitary confinement suffer from PTSD and depression after being confined for a great amount of time.

I am living proof that the fight for women in Texas prison is perpetual. The injustices and corruption we are subjected to at Lane Murray Unit are only a third of the problem.

More than 98 percent of the correctional officers and rank are racist, dirty and corrupt and they abuse their authority. More than 85 percent of the women in ad-seg are qualified to be released from ad-seg to general population. But to no avail; still we are held captive in prolonged solitary confinement.

It is a known fact that Lane Murray Unit receives extra money for every prisoner in ad-seg housing. We are a commodity! Ad-seg is full past capacity, but yet they are placing more people in ad-seg and refusing to let others go.

Ad-seg is supposed to be for security, not punishment. Ad-seg is being utilized for laundering dirty money from the state, which means taxpayers are literally paying for our abuse without their knowledge. The wardens, correctional officers and medical staff are corrupt! They continue to cover up the neglect and abuse of ad-seg prisoners with lies and bribery.

Ninety percent of the women from Lane Murray Unit Ad-Seg are currently at Skyview Unit, are mentally distressed, emotionally injured and psychologically damaged because of prolonged solitary confinement. The only way to get to Skyview is by suicidal behavior or attempts.

Question is: Why are so many women from Lane Murray Unit at a mental hospital from suicide attempts and survival? This is substantial evidence that Lane Murray Unit is corrupt and evil.

Thankfully, I am a survivor. But there are some who are not. This abuse needs to end! Women at Lane Murray Unit are suffering and need help. They are purposely keeping women confined in ad-seg for no probable cause, causing many women mental, emotional and physical health problems.

I have been a victim for five years in prolonged solitary confinement. I have filed a 2254 habeas corpus through the federal courts to no avail. Lorie Davis, who is the director of ad-seg classification, denies knowing of my confinement. Warden Erwin, Assistant Warden Massey and Regional Director Nelson retaliate against those who expose their corruption and lies and deceit.

This abuse needs to end! Women at Lane Murray Unit are suffering and need help.

Correctional Officers Arey, Espinosa, Henry, Johnson and Peters, Sgts. McCall, Transue, Dorsey, Roberts and Cockrell, Major Lozado, Lts. Dickeson, Warren and Benson and Capt. Garret are all cross-action, racist or corrupt prison staff who abuse their authority. Many women at Lane Murray Unit have died because of these correctional officers and rank officials.

The percentage rate continues to rise for women committing suicide at Lane Murray Unit. When will justice be served? How many women must die before Lane Murray Unit is finally investigated by internal affairs and/or closed down?

These violations of constitutional rights must end. Lane Murray Unit is a dungeon for punishing women in prison for crimes they did or did not commit. Double jeopardy!

The small town of Gatesville, a prominent area for the KKK, white supremacists and the Aryan Brotherhood, is a racist town with prisons full of Black and Latino men and women prisoners. Gatesville, Texas, is the worst place to be.

Next to the fact that it’s a few miles away from where Sandra Bland was brutally murdered by police, it’s a town where Confederate flags hang, and white people call Black people “niggers,” “boy,” “girl” and “colored.” Considering slavery still exists in this state, since Texas allows prisoners to work for free, it is legal abuse.

I am fighting for women in Texas prisons. I hope and pray for a change for the better. Please support us and help all you can. I write in solidarity if not in temporary peace.

Send our sister some love and light: Britney Gulley, 1601283, Skyview/Hodge, 379 FM 2972, Rusk, TX 75785.