A large and diverse crowd in Oakland demonstrates solidarity with Charlottesville

by Nevin Long

DHFSO7rUAAAB82v.jpg-large-300x169, A large and diverse crowd in Oakland demonstrates solidarity with Charlottesville, Local News & Views
After temporarily shutting down the 580 freeway in Oakland California, the diverse crowd gathered at Lake Merritt. – Photo: Nevin Long

A large group took to the streets in Oakland for several hours Saturday evening to demonstrate in solidarity with Charlottesville. The diverse crowd of approximately 1,000 people gathered at Latham Square.

The rally was originally scheduled to convene at Frank Ogawa Plaza, also known to locals as Oscar Grant Plaza, at 7 p.m., but had been cordoned off earlier in the day.

After several rounds of impassioned speeches and chants like “No justice, no peace; fuck the police,” protesters marched up Broadway toward the Grand Lake neighborhood. After being diverted away from several freeway onramps, demonstrators managed to scale barricades and shut down all eight lanes of Highway 580.

The freeway shutdown was brief but boisterous as several fireworks were detonated. Although tensions rose slightly, protesters vacated the freeway voluntarily and in a celebratory mood.

Police at the scene said that no arrests were made and characterized the demonstration as peaceful. Marchers dwindled and the march concluded around 10:30 p.m. back at Latham Square.

Oakland was one of several solidarity demonstrations that occurred around the country following the events in Virginia that left three people dead.

Nevin Long, a San Francisco State University journalism student, is an intern with the Bay View working with Editor Troy Williams. He can be reached via troy@sfbayview.com