Plot to prevent power: Florida bribes prisoners with fancy food to distract from Millions for Prisoners March

by Rob Powell, aka Uriel Ben Yahweh

Written Aug. 15, 2017 – Starting on the 15th of August through the 21st, the FDOC (Florida Department of Corruption) will be “offering” the prisoners elaborately cooked elegant meals. This “nice” act of courtesy by the system is an insincere plot to prevent its slaves – according to the 13th Amendment – from participating in any protest, sit down or movement aimed at abolishing the 13th Amendment’s slavery clause or exhibiting any sign of power of unity amongst the prison class.

Florida-prisoner-cooks-beef-macaroni-for-evening-meal-at-Madison-CI-020809-by-Steve-Bousquet-Miami-Times-Herald-225x300, Plot to prevent power: Florida bribes prisoners with fancy food to distract from Millions for Prisoners March, Abolition Now!
A Florida prisoner prepares a beef and macaroni dish for dinner at Madison Correctional Institution. He is probably paid little or nothing, because the 13th Amendment permits slave labor in prison. – Photo: Steve Bousquet, Miami Times Herald

Last Sept. 9, while I was at Franklin Corrections Institution, the staff had caught wind of the unity that was mounting up. And so, a week before the 45th anniversary of the Attica Uprising, the system advertised meals on this specific protest day that they felt the slaves couldn’t refuse.

Well, needless to say, many ended up eating the food, yet tore up the prison anyway. Here I am at another plantation and they are offering 10 times more food than they did the first time.

This may vary in different states and different institutions, but in Florida, none of the “gangs” are really into anything REAL. They have no power politically, economically, educationally, socially or spiritually.

It is the “gangs” who help plot to prevent power. It is they who will be the first out the door, running to the chow hall.

Not all places will experience this folly. There are places, mostly out of state, where people take their beliefs and sets much more seriously.

So it is you I salute! It is my real revolutionary brothers and sisters I honor. It is those who hear, understand and stand up against oppression that I embrace.

Because despite what the system attempts to “offer” us, we shall not ever allow any plot to prevent us from the power of righteous unity. I shall update y’all on the outcome.

Shalom! Praise Yahweh!

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