O’ dungeon master, my dungeon master!

by Douglas Scott Mickey

Despair-art-by-Michael-D.-Russell-web-145x300, O’ dungeon master, my dungeon master!, Behind Enemy Lines
“Reaching” – Art: Michael D. Russell, C-90473, HDSP C2-122, P.O. Box 3030, Susanville CA 96127


About 10 years ago a beautiful young spirit moved to my tier, here in North Seg. He was born and raised in Alabama at a time when “Dungeons and Dragons” was enchanting the hearts and minds of little boys everywhere. He grew up to become a “dungeon master” without peer and came to spread his magic amongst the men of San Quentin’s Death Row. He wore his inner child on his sleeve and coaxed the wounded inner child of many others to come to the surface and play.

I’ve never before seen someone exhibit such transformative powers with such child-like whimsy, mature grace, humility and intelligence. He quickly stole my heart and became the little boy grown to manhood that I lost with my own beautiful little boy upon my arrest in Japan.

This is an ode I wrote to his inner child. His mother arrived Sept. 5, 2017, to take Christopher’s body and personal belongings back home to Alabama. She brought Chris a set of clothes so that he would not have to wear prison garb – a mother’s loving touch.

An ode to Christopher A. Geier’s precious and beautiful inner child: Dec. 27, 1967-Aug. 30, 2017

My most lovable and delightfully larger-than-life Christopher: You are the best of us. Your irrepressible and irresistible spirit convinced the rest of us we are honored heroes all.

The magic of your gentle spirit, the love in all that you do, brings sweet happiness to enchant those around you. May that love and happiness multiply and return to you ceaselessly in infinite ways throughout eternity.

O’ noblest and mightiest knight of us all: Your soul can never be cut to pieces by any weapon, nor burned by fire, nor drowned by water, nor frozen by ice, nor withered by wind, nor corroded by rust, nor contaminated by disease, nor mystified by chaos, nor corrupted by temptation, nor scathed by acid, nor fazed by evil, nor aged by time. Your courageous soul is immortal, ever-present, unchangeable, immovable and eternally the same.

Knowing this, we should not grieve for your body. Yet, your life’s abrupt departure has shattered my sense of self beyond solace. I’m beside myself with grief at being left behind, longing for endlessly more of your radiant whimsy.

I weep because we never shared enough; we never sang enough, never danced enough, never howled enough, never laughed enough, never wept enough, never roared enough, never talked enough, never gave enough, never wandered enough, never celebrated enough, never revolted enough, never listened enough, never imagined enough, never played enough, never smiled enough, never hugged enough, never kissed enough, never noticed enough, never loved enough – I weep because we never savored enough.

If we live a trillion lifetimes together I will still hunger and thirst for more of the measureless beauty your loving spirit has planted in my heart.

As previously planned: In our next life, we will rendezvous at ye old Tavern of the Dancing Dragon, nestled amongst the sweet-scented pines and flowering trees along the banks of the River Oceanus, in the land of Amoria, on the outer plane “Blessed Fields of Elysium.” From there we will once again go questing for new heroic adventures.

Until then, my precious warrior of the light, may the loveliest of wood nymphs tend to your every need with tender loving care. Indeed, the nymphs of your dreams will nourish and nurture your indestructible soul with loving devotion, nectar of kindness and ambrosial empathy.

I miss you most terribly, my most compassionate and cherished kindred spirit. I am eternally grateful for all the love and joy I’ve had with you. The priceless gifts of your immortal heart are my most treasured possessions. I love and adore you with all my being, sweet Christopher, spiritual son of my soul.

Send our brother some love and light: Douglas Scott Mickey, C-73900. NB-S6-30, San Quentin State Prison, San Quentin CA 94974.