Bad Karma

by Keith ‘Comrade Malik’ Washington

Bad-Karma-300x169, Bad Karma, Behind Enemy Lines

You were vested with authority in order to oversee and care for those whose lives had become a bust.

Instead of sustenance and care, you traumatize, degrade and dehumanize your charges, blatantly violating the public’s trust.

For years I observed you – patiently I waited behind the scenes.

You grew arrogant and cocky – puffed up with pride – thinking it was OK to mistreat society’s throwaways and discarded human beings.

When the vulnerable cried out for justice – you cleaned up the crime scenes and pretended as if the deaths were accidents, always claiming the Agency did no wrong.

We let you get away and as a result you became very confident that weak, indigent prisoners could never overcome the strong.

But perceptions of the oppressors are just subjective feelings not always based on FACT.

Your crimes have caught up with you now and No Power in this world can ever Hold Us Back!

Did you really believe you’d get away after hurting all these innocent people? No recompense, no pay back, totally scot-free?

Not so fast, STATE of Texas! I have something very special for the media and the public to see.

What you dished out will be given back in dividends – 10 times worse in the END.

My name is BAD Karma and I’m definitely not your friend.

Remember the elderly and disabled at Estelle you allowed them to be beat – I was there.

Remember when we asked Sen. Whitmire to intervene – he said he didn’t CARE!

Remember when we asked if the water at Pack I was poison – you said it was OK.

Remember the suicides that were actually murders – you took our sons, brothers, husbands, fathers brutally away!

Well, all those things are catching up with you; are you ready, it is now Judgment Day.

I won’t announce when I’m coming, but surely I will arrive.

I’m Bad Karma. Isn’t destiny great? Don’t you feel blessed to be alive?

Well, it’s over – you’ve been found out – you most certainly did nothing great.

I’m Bad Karma, here to show the world what happens to government officials who make a living sowing seeds of HATE!

Send our brother some love and light: Keith “Malik” Washington, 1487958, Eastham Unit, 2665 Prison Rd 1, Lovelady TX 75851.