Again and again

by Larry K. Hazlett

Larry Hazlett

Hi, invisible ghost, whose pictures are in black and white. They show your racist expression in the light of day. You hung Black bodies with your little ghost child looking on.

Like a virus that has gone into hiding only to reappear from your dormant stage and upset humanity’s long, beautiful, joyful, proud period of struggling to keep their better angels safe, your ghostly and invisible stench incites us to pick up arms and force you back into confinement over and over, again and again, like a flu shot each winter.

“Taking a knee” singing “We Shall Overcome” with Old Glory proudly blowin’ in the wind is far more dignified than marching in the streets waving Old Glory hand-in-hand with Confederate and Nazi flags, side-by-each shouting, “We shall rise again!”

It is sunrise in America; arise, fair angels, and soar.

L.K. Hazlett

Send our brother some love and light: Larry Hazlett, V42368, San Quentin State Prison, San Quentin, CA 94974.