Mule Creek State Prison is run by white supremacists

by B.L. Thornton

Mule-Creek-State-Prison-web-300x200, Mule Creek State Prison is run by white supremacists, Abolition Now!
Mule Creek State Prison is one the 20-plus new prisons built in California to accommodate the mass incarceration that intensified during the 1980s. Built in 1987 about 40 miles southeast of Sacramento for 1,700 prisoners, it currently houses over 4,000 and employs a staff of 1,700.

I observe the following: Mule Creek State Prison (MCSP) is run by an organized gang of white supremacist custodial, medical and psychiatric staff and their unconscionable non-white accomplices. I shall only cite the following examples of the willful denial of medical treatment by MCSP medical staff, as they shall allow me to die if my life depends on their saving it.

1) On the night of Jan. 19, 2018, I was taken to an outside hospital due to chest pain, and upon my arrival an ambulance paramedic told the admitting doctor that a MCSP doctor told him to tell the former to treat and return me to the prison infirmary, where I’d been falsely imprisoned since Dec. 21, 2017, due to a then 21-day hunger strike and a second hunger strike I began on Dec. 31, 2017, when I was subjected to organized criminal racism, the nature of which the perpetrators are willing to effect my death to suppress.

2) My chest and arms are riddled with festering and bleeding sores due to an infected T-shirt I was given while in the infirmary and not only the theft of prescribed medication for my arms by infirmary nursing staff, but also a doctor wilfully prescribing calamine after telling me he would prescribe medication to stop the itching and heal the sores. I’ve been suffering with this since December.

3) On Feb. 8, 2018, while in Administrative Segregation (Ad Seg – the hole), I was issued an adulterated breakfast resulting in severe stomach pain and at least 35 bouts of diarrhea between Feb. 9 and 13. A general population (GP) unit Psych Tech denied me medical treatment after saying she would effect my receipt of it, and a first watch unit correctional officer denied my request for medical treatment after stating she would phone infirmary medical staff about it.

On Feb. 13, I was seen by the Facility B medical doctor, whose name I don’t know, and in addition to being openly hostile, contemptuous and dismissive, he falsely stated that he was going to prescribe the means for me to collect stool samples but did not do so for the purpose of suppressing my being poisoned. He also discontinued my Lasix, which I’d been taking for years due to suffering from edema, and the cancellation of which was in retaliation for my requesting additional toilet paper after Ad Seg Officer Vega told me he would only allow me one roll per week unless a doctor authorized otherwise. Back up of fluids be damned, the medical doctor who would tell one and all that he would save my life if necessary, cancelled my Lasix.

The foregoing may seem relatively minor, but it is illustrative of general circumstances. In addition to this, I am severely ill due to the long term denial of genuine medical treatment.

I am in need of active help in the form of outside intervention.

Regarding other matters, I’m enclosing a poem I recently wrote as a tribute to Malcolm X, and the ownership of which I’m gifting the San Francisco Bay View.

In closing, I thank you for your help and ask the prayers of all.


Brittian L. Thornton

Tribute to Malcolm X

They are going to use me
as a symbol of hate
watch how they propagate
Just was his fate
endlessly assassinate
All that I hold true
They shall portray as impure
That for a sickness like mine
There is no cure
That to my own death
I did lure
Point to
my days of wilderness
and say
There is no forgiving this
hot off the press
a venomous hiss
Let’s review again
While we pretend not to dis
Of his ultimate legacy
Let us not speak
how unvarnished truth
he did seek
Let us ignore
hypocrisy’s repulsive beak
as we dare not ask ourselves
who is hatred’s
malformed freak?

Send our brother some love and light: B.L. Thornton, C-44142, Mule Creek State Prison B7-111L, P.O. Box 409040, Ione CA 95640. Although B.L. didn’t ask for it, calls to the warden’s office to ask politely about his welfare and whether he is being well cared for in the infirmary could help. Call Warden Joe Lizarraga at 209-274-4911.