Creating wealth in our communities

by Paradise Free Jah Love Supreme

Part 1

The vision board is the oldest success tool in the world – perhaps a million years old. Cave men, before they learned to invent language, had vision boards, made drawings on their cave walls to remind themselves to stay focused on what they wanted to eat and meet, on their goals and dreams.

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The art piece is called “Lady Luck.” It’s from my Sister Mermaid Angel series, inspired by Oshun, Orisha goddess of love, beauty, prosperity and sensual delight. – Art: Paradise Free Jah Love Supreme

Try using a vision board at work for your team of coworkers, at home for your children. Most people like to put them up against the wall so they will be facing east, where the sun rises. Some people add a prayer or meditation altar. Have fun putting your favorite things, your goals and dreams on your altar and vision board.

The vision board is the oldest success tool in the world – perhaps a million years old.

Don’t worry about how the things on your vision board will manifest, don’t worry about having enough money. Actually, we only desire money so we can purchase something. Put exactly what it is that you want on your vision board, as well as how much money you need. It’s good to have currency in your pocket and money in the bank. Life is much less stressful when you do. But money is not everything.

Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge on the one hand is just facts. On the other hand, knowledge is power. But imagination is creation. Imagination is using power to create. Your reach is much greater than your hands and feet. And as you begin to master the vision board, you’ll soon one day find it working for you like a ouiji board, giving you prosperous new ideas and greater opportunities.

When I was a boy at Longfellow Elementary School in Berkeley, I used to imagine I was one of the Los Angeles Lakers on the basketball court at recess: So and so passes the ball to me, three seconds on the clock. This shot could win or lose the game. He scores. The crowd goes crazy. Harrrrrr.

The next thing I know I’m at Berkeley High School in the Tournament of Champions, on the floor of the Oakland Coliseum, the same floor where the Lakers and Golden State Warriors played. The next thing I know I’m on a plane to New Orleans, with a scholarship to play ball at Xavier University. Not a dime in my pocket and I’m leaving Cali for the first time. Given three meals a day and a dormitory room.

The next thing I know I’m on a plane to Argentina, in South America, to play ball for Puerto Madryn. Not a dime in my pocket. The next thing I know I meet founder of the International Black Writers and Artists. My dreams were to play pro ball and be a writer. Mrs. Crutchfield likes my energy so much she makes me president of the IBWA Local 5 in Oakland. When Mrs. Crutchfield passes away, I become president of the International Black Writers and Artists, with 30 chapters worldwide.

The next thing I know, in 2006, Mayor Ron Dellums and the city of Oakland declare Oct. 6 Paradise Day, for my many years of service in Oakland, including my poem, “Entering Oakand,” which spearheaded the drive to get the city to change the remaining street signs that read, “Entering Oakland,” to “Welcome to Oakland.”

And the next thing I know, I’m a freelance writer for the most amazing paper on the planet, the San Francisco Bay View.

We can make our communities more sustainable and greater centers of higher learning than their universities. Yes, like Wakanda. Go to a university if you want to. I highly recommend it if you get good teachers. But think not that going to college is the only way to be a success in life. We have been successful for thousands of years before the Western educational system existed and we will be successful long after it becomes obsolete.

We can make our communities more sustainable and greater centers of higher learning than their universities.

And if you think about it, not one university in the history of the world, with all their scientific laboratories and technologies and professors with 3,000 IQs have ever been able to create not one genre of music like the Blues. The Negro Spirituals. Jazz. Funk. Hip Hop. R&B. Soul. Gospel. House. Reggae. Afro Beat and Be Bop. Nor have they been able to create not one Michael Jackson. Not one Prince. Not one Fela. Not one James Brown. Not one Bob Marley. Not one Jimi Hendrix. Not one Maya Angelou. Not one Whitney Houston. Not one Harriett Tubman. Not one Marcus Garvey. Not one Kwame Nkruma. Not one MC Hammer. And why? Because you can touch this and you can’t teach this. Black excellence.

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Be well and prosper.

Part 2

“Where there is no vision the people perish.” – Bible

“Where there is vision the people prosper.” – Paradise

The vision board is the world’s oldest success tool. Prehistoric men drew vision boards on their cave walls. Vision boards have enabled the human family to evolve from cave men to astronauts. From hunters to shoppers. From having to spend the whole day hunting for food to having corner grocery stores and supermarkets that open magically at the pitter patter of our feet.

From having to seek out water in lakes and wells, to having it piped to our homes. Just imagine, if you have a shower in your bathroom, you basically have an indoor waterfall. Count your blessing and give thanks. We have progressed from foot travelers and horse and camel back riders to travelling in planes, trains and automobiles.

Vision boards have enabled the human family to evolve from cave men to astronauts.

It’s been said that gesticulation is 80 percent of communication. And why not? Gesticulation is the way we communicate, through facial expressions, hand and body movement. Body language. Gesticulation, or body language, is our first and oldest form of communication.

Being made in the image of the creator, like no other species, we have access to the power of the word. For us humans, the mouth is a power tool and the tongue is a magic wand. Be careful how you use it. Watch what you say.

The universe was created to function like a moon, like a mirror, like a magic genie that responds to all our thoughts, dreams and wishes. To all the stars and divine ones made in the creator’s image. So, gesticulations, body language and posture is everything.

If you have a slumping posture, it’s most likely your life is going to be in a slump. If your posture says, “I’m in a slump,” the universe is going to say, “Yes, divine lord and master. As you wish. You are in a slump.” If you are shy, you are probably going to be shy of power, opportunities and resources.

One of the great things about babies is that they have yet to be tamed and civilized. Their survival instincts are still fully intact. They know how to WAIL. Wail for food. “Waaaaa (I’m hungry).” Wail against discomfort. “Waaa. (I need my diaper changed).” Wail for love. “Waaa. (Where’s my mommy? I need a hug). They are not shy. Shy no get pie.

Some of us need to remember how to wail. Not just to be a big mouth. But to wail in a timely manner and with tact. Unlike the South American chakalaka bird. Always yelping, “Chakalaka. Chakalaka.” People throw rocks at the Chakalaka bird.

Some of us need to remember how to wail. Not just to be a big mouth. But to wail in a timely manner and with tact.

There are different ways of wailing. Consistency, diligence, persistence is a form of wailing. Poetry is spoken music. Poetry is prayer as an art form. Poetry is how we give wings to language and wail articulately.

The Mermaid and the Magic Green Crayon

I remember the day I became obsessed with drawing a girl friend of mine as a mermaid. Unfortunately, suddenly I ran out of the color green. So I went to Walgreen’s (no pun intended) in search of a green marker or crayon. I didn’t find anything I wanted.

But something told me to go across the street to the Berkeley Bowl Supermarket. I don’t know why; they didn’t sell crayons. But amazingly I saw a young man sitting on a bench in front of the store, selling coloring books. Yay.

I asked him if he also happened to be selling crayons. He said No. But a guy passing by (true story), overhearing me, said he had one green crayon in his car. Would I mind if he went and got it?

So I had my green crayon and didn’t even have to pay for it. Which is why I say don’t overly concern yourself with money or how the things on your vision board and altar are going to manifest. Focus on the things you want.

There are three morals to this story: One, sometimes the universe winks at you like this to let you know she still has your back. And the more you study the language of the universe the more you will understand it and learn how to move about in it and discover blessings.

Two, sometimes what you’re looking for is right in front of you or nearby; you just have to know where to look.

And three, a closed mouth don’t get fed, like grandma used to say. If I hadn’t opened my mouth and expressed my desire, wailed, the generous and kind hearted young man who had what I wanted would’ve just walked on by.

So remember, bigwishing requires the same amount of energy as smallwishing. Consciousness is the original blessing. All is thought and thought is all, in universal mind, materialized or unmaterialized.

And your mind is a chip off the old creative block. You are electromagnetic. The type of thoughts, energies and signals you send out to the universe is what you attract. This is how you have developed your magnetic character and why you remember who you are. Your thoughts, your energies are ever returning. Flying back home to the nest. To their source.

Bigwishing requires the same amount of energy as smallwishing.

So let that little light of yours shine. Be a shining star. Emulate the posture of the sun. For he who gives abundantly shall receive abundantly. And life is the mirror of server and servant; it’s just what you are and do. If you give to the world the best you have, the best will come back to you.

Be well and prosper.

Paradise is president of the International Black Writers & Artists Local 5 in Oakland and was honored by the City of Oakland with “Paradise Day,” on Oct. 6, 2007. Find him on Facebook at Paradise Freejah Lovesupreme.