City College of San Francisco announces cannabis course beginning in July – register now


            SAN FRANCISCO — Today, City College of San Francisco (CCSF) is launching a series of workshops on cannabis as the latest addition to its already diverse continuing education programming. The launch is in response to requests from the public for information and learning opportunities about cannabis since its legalization by California voters in 2016, which went into effect January of this year. As an institution of higher education, CCSF is dedicated to offering relevant educational programming to its student body and the San Francisco Bay Area community.

The resulting workshops are entitled “Curious about Cannabis,” which will be offered beginning July 2018 to provide information and encourage educational dialogue related to cannabis. The curriculum will allow students to explore the rich history of the plants as it relates to healthcare, science, politics and social justice.

“This is a great example that shows how City College of San Francisco is taking bold steps to create dynamic education that will serve the vibrant and inclusive communities in the Bay Area,” said Theresa Rowland. “These classes mark the college’s first venture into offering cannabis-related coursework, and will help inform the development of similar types of innovative and relevant programming moving forward.

The workshops will be offered twice over the duration of summer 2018, with the first series beginning in July and the second series beginning in August. Those who are interested in the workshops can register online starting June 20th, 2018. For more details or to apply, please visit this link.

About City College of San Francisco

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