Friday, July 12, 2024


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Certain Days calendar: Call for contributions

The Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar collective have opened submissions for abolition-related art in new calendar

New California campaign aims to improve Alzheimer’s disease care, prevention and detection  

The California Department of Public Health launched the Take on Alzheimer’s campaign in late February.

Lady Namastizzle’s movement is to bring cannabis yoga to the Bay’s Black and Brown...

The Yogi spaces didn’t reflect what I needed or who I was. So I decided to be what I needed for myself.

WAA REEM: International Fashion and Music Week in San Francisco June 16-18

The WAA REEM concept, which means in Burkina Faso-West African language “Come and have fun or come enjoy the vibe,” is an idea born in 2013 in Africa

Oakland Strokes Youth Summer workshops teach the sport of rowing

We run summer camps in June out at San Pablo reservoir and in July at our boathouse in Oakland. We host Learn to Row days for organizations and schools we partner with as well.

San Francisco Clean slate program!

We are here to try to level the playing field and push back on the undeniable history of racial discrimination in the criminal justice system. 

‘Black Barbie’ documentary review

Watching the movie brought me back to my childhood. I felt a lot of nostalgia while watching the movie

Black Restaurant Week covered the diaspora of African-influenced food from Northern Cali testaurants

Black Restaurant week offers a variety of great cuisines!

San Francisco Black Film festival will be coming soon!

Only in your hands is your life worth living. Only you can make yourself free.

Oakland Carnival is set to run!

"Oakland Carnival is held in the spirit of community and cooperation."

Black San Franciscans’ overdose death rate is five times above the citywide rate

If the crisis continues at the present rate, there will be 804 deaths in 2023 alone, of which 241 are Black. We are in a state of emergency.

National Fentanyl Awareness Day: Press conference SF City Hall May 10, 11 a.m.  

In San Francisco, the deadly fentanyl crisis is playing out in a distinctly anti-Black racist pattern that is all too familiar.

Black Terminus brings the Black Panthers into Augmented Reality

If I was going to bring the Panthers in AR, it would be on a Black-owned platform created by me.

‘The Critic’s Company’ review

As a writer and someone who strives to follow my dream, it’s an all too relatable feeling of not being taken seriously when you yourself are serious about following your own path to achieve those dreams.

Black Owned biodegradable dental hygiene products hit the market

Our products are unique and stand out from all other brands. For one we dropped the old fashion designs of oral-care products and went with a brand new look that hasn’t been seen before.

Boss Down Youth Group: a young people’s employment training program

During the summer, when the youth are let out of school for break, community advocate and San Francisco native Stormy Henry uses this time to facilitate her Boss Down Youth Group

Jamesha Smith: Stockton’s stiletto dance classes instructor

Stiletto dance instructor Jamesha Smith is liberating souls one dance class at a time.

Afro-Arab food: ASÚKAR Palestinian Cuban Fusion

by Zaire Saunders While all art is either an attempt at expression, or expression itself – cooking cuisine encapsulates the human experience beautifully and expresses it most exactly – a merging of different parts. When...

U3Fit separates the fitness real from the fitness fake

by Robbie Jackson In this post pandemic world, we have seen the value of a “clean bill of health.” Any fitness expert (qualified or not) will tell you your health is your wealth, you are...

Straight to the point with human rights lawyer Adante Pointer

by JR Valrey, the Minister of Information and Editor in Chief of the San Francisco Bay View Newspaper Adante Pointer has been on the front lines of the current day Human Rights movement. Fighting in...