Hey, Mr. Tangerine Man …

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Arkee Chaney blesses the Bay View every month with a variety of delightful cartoons, often depicting Trump. But the Bay View so rarely runs stories about Trump, there’s been no place to put them … until now. Enjoy! – Cartoons: Arkee Chaney, A71362, P.O. Box 1327, Galesburg IL 61401

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by Raymond Nat Turner

They got Jel-Low Puddin’ Man –
one less backwards Taliban
treating women like beasts –
Packs of predator priests
next they’re comin’ for you –
your whole predator Krew
silver bracelets, orange
jumpsuit await you too!

Hey Mr. Tangerine Man –
They’re comin’ for you next
Before you tweet or text

Hey Mr. Tangerine Man –
your FOX-hole country
only needs one tree

Hey Mr. Tangerine Man –
let Miss Piggy root
on the toe of your boot
helping you steal and loot …

Hey Mr. Tangerine Man –
empire’s vanishing sands
paper towel tossing hands

Hey Mr. Tangerine Man –
peacock prancin’ U.N.
flaunting rule of men
Locking kids in cages
this Orangest of Ages

Hey Mr. Tangerine Man –
pale skull and crossbone
in the Twilight Zone
you’re a U.N. joke –
World’s way too woke!

©2018. Raymond Nat Turner, The Town Crier. All Rights Reserved.
Inspired by the great Bob Dylan’s “Mr. Tambourine Man”


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