Remembering Melvin Dickson

by Ches Jenkins, organizer, Commemoration Committee for the Black Panther Party (CCBPP)

Melvin-Dickson-memorial-gathering-Qilombo-BPP-commy-center-Oakland-111718-300x225, Remembering Melvin Dickson, Culture Currents
People who had worked with and been inspired by Melvin Dickson gather for a memorial event on Nov. 17 at Qilombo, the Black Panther Party community center in Oakland.

Melvin Dickson was a writer, poet, author and organizer whose passing marked a sorrowful day for those who had the privilege to work alongside him. In order to give those community members their moment to reflect and honor our brother, a local community event was held Saturday, Nov. 17, to celebrate the life and legacy of Mr. Melvin Dickson.

His recent passing this past October continues to be felt across the Black Panther Party community. Melvin Dickson was one of the longest active Party members, who then went on to found the Commemoration Committee for the Black Panther Party (CCBPP) in the early ‘90s.

The event, which kicked off that Saturday evening, hosted a variety of speakers from elder Party members, longtime CCBPP alumni, Black Riders Liberation Party (BRLP) leadership, friends and business associates. Speakers shared memories of Dickson that included lessons learned, words of wisdom and talks of adventures.

Afterwards the good camaraderie continued throughout the night with music, poetry, food and celebration. The event was held at the Qilombo Center in association with CCBPP and the BRLP.

While the memorial honored the life and legacy of Melvin Dickson, the event was also held to raise funds for the upcoming Bay Area Memorial and Tribute to Melvin Dickson, on Dec. 8 at 314 East 10th St., Oakland, 2-6 p.m.. All support is appreciated and accepted. If you are interested in attending, please contact Billy X at 916-455-0908 and/or Eseibio at 510-866-7136.

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