Black genius built the pyramids, not slave labor

by Paradise Freejahlove Supreme

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Sphinx, Egypt

Black Genius built the pyramids, not slave labor. Black hands have built pyramids all over the world. In Afraka, Asia, Amerika and, apparently, even ancient Atlantis! I mention this because there are some very schizophrenic people out there who can’t make up their minds whether or not to try and steal the credit from Black people about who built the pyramids or to condemn Black people for using slave labor to build the pyramids.

The 21-gun salute is called so because it supposedly took Napoleon Bonaparte 21 canon shots to blow off the broad negroid nose off the Sphinx in Egypt. How petty and pathetic is it to deface a priceless artifact because you don’t want the artist to be identified – particularly, to be identified as being great art created by Black people.

Black ants do not enslave red ants, or vice versa, to build their little pyramids (mounds); they are too busy following the dictates of their queen. The queens of the Great Pyramid Builders were divine ideas and paying homage to humanity and the Most High. We, the sons and daughters of Maat, the builders of pyramids worldwide, do not enslave people. We do not have or partake of the slavemaster gene.

Enslaving people requires too much work, work that we could be using to build masterpieces of art and realize our Divine Expressionism! We are Nubians, we enjoy hard work, exercise and sport – especially when doing for self. How do you think we got all these muscles? Steven Biko said: “You cannot keep a man down without staying down with him.”

He who cooks your food is in your food. He who makes your clothes is in your clothes. He who builds your house is in your house. When an artist is creating a great work of art, is being inspired by the Divine, he is not looking for a whole lot of outside help.

We couldn’t wait to get up in the morning and resume our kingdom building! To be in the midst of so much glory, grace and beauty! Because we could see the results every day. We were creating a love letter to all mankind, for all time – written in stone! The word luxury came from the name of the ancient Egyptian capitol of Luxor. Today that word defines the very meaning of what the Nile Valley civilization was like, outright luxurious! And civil!

Pharoah, let my people go!

Ancient Egypt was the place to be! Ancient Egypt was where the party was at! They had people all over the world lined up trying to GET IN to Ancient Egypt. To this very day, people all over the world are trying to get to Egypt to see the splendor the pharoahs left behind.

Ancient Egypt was a very highly advanced civilization. Elegant. Why would the Jetsons try to enslave the Flintstones. Why would Duke Ellington try to force a heavy metal musician to be in his band? Why would Thelonius Monk try to make a troglodyte play his music? Why would the Harlem Globetrotters try to steal players from the Washington Generals? Does that make sense to you?

The Pharoahs fed the world! For centuries! For millennia! Fed your ancestors! Fed the poor. Fed the rich. Fed the natives. Fed the immigrants. We welcomed everybody to partake of our bounty! Why don’t any of your history books speak of our glory. When you pray, you close out your prayers by calling on the name of our Black God, Amen! Why don’t any of your teachers tell our story?

The late space-jazz musician Sun Ra said: “Many people think of ancient Egypt as a kingdom of bondage. I think of it as a kingdom of discipline and precision, beauty and art.” Black Pharoahs fed the world science, music, art, astronomy, culture, mathematics and science! Great teachers like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Pythogoras, Buddha and Yashua made it a point to go and study in the ancient Egyptian mystery schools! Exquisite honey wine, music, art, architecture and the most beautiful women in the world made the Nile River kingdom the number one ancient tourist attraction on the planet!

Black Pharoahs continue to feed the world today through Hip Hop, Reggae, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Blues and Afro Beat music. Through great inventions too numerous to name, entertainment, athletics and whatever fields we have free reign to express ourselves in.

Pharoah, let my people go? These ancient Godkings were revered as representatives of the Godhead on earth. The hallmark of a great king is generosity. He is the beloved of his people because he makes everybody rich. His very presence lifts the vibration of the entire kingdom. A magnetic king is the milk and honey catalyst of his realm and its wealth, like a queen bee is the inspiration of her hive.

Usually dynasties begin to fall when the master chromosomes of the kingdom builders are diluted and peter out. Those of a high vibration, the magnetic kings and queens, set the tone for their realms – like the Queen Bee and Alpha Bull. But once the master chromosomes are sufficiently diluted, the populace begins to revel more in their lower natures.

This is what happened in ancient Atlantis. The brothers of the higher vibrations saw the fall of Atlantis coming and moved on to different regions of the planet, reviving Atlantis-like kingdoms all over the world. This is also what happened in Ancient Egypt when it was conquered and the latter day pharoahs who sat on the throne were European – known carriers of the slavemaster gene.

Right now, monuments of Black Pharoahs are being brought to shore from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean with their broad, Negroid, Black, Afrakan noses chipped off. (That’s the standard M.O. for Europeans when they discover great ancient Afrakan artifacts).

I came across a story on the internet where the Arizona Gazette reported on the April 5, 1909, discovery by G.E. Kinkaid of an ancient Egyptian colony in the Grand Canyon, established some 3,000 years ago! Artifacts were taken by the Smithsonian Institute. These areas are restricted and off limits to the public (because they don’t want you to have knowledge of self?). Some of the hieroglyphics and carvings were done high up on the Grand Canyon walls! This was not done by slave labor!

Pharoah, let my people go? Naw, people, let my pharoahs go! Most of whom are political prisoners trapped in some dungeon or ghetto or impoverished lifestyle. Whether the news of these findings in the Grand Canyon and the Atlantic Ocean are true or not, Black hands have built pyramids and great civilizations all over the world. And more wonders created by the planetary elders, Black people, will continue to be discovered, excavated and unveiled.

And if you want to know how the pyramids were built, ask those who built them. We are here! We have returned to reclaim the pyramids! And build new ones!

Paradise is president of the International Black Writers & Artists. More of his poetry and music may be found at and This story is in response to a November Bay View article about slave labor building the pyramids.

Bay View response: The Bay View regrets headlining that November story “Slave labor, from the pyramids to the prisons” and stands corrected (that headline did not come from the writer of the article). Thanks for the correction, Paradise!