Join eviction blockade to save disabled grandmother and grandchildren’s home

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Support the blockade Wednesday, Feb. 20, 9:30-11:45 a.m., at 61 Santos St., San Francisco (Sunnydale public housing)

by Sulaiman Hyatt and Maria Zamudio

San Francisco – Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco (HRCSF) is rallying to stop the unjust eviction of Tamal Griffin, a disabled Black grandmother with her four grandchildren, from her Sunnydale public housing apartment this Wednesday morning.

“This is unjust. I’ve tried to follow all their rules, and they’re still targeting me. If we lose our home, my family will likely become homeless,” said Griffin.

“Displacement of Black and Brown residents is center stage in San Francisco. The Black homeless population in SF is grossly overrepresented, and SFHA is content with being negligent and turning a blind eye to the burdensome affect their evictions are having on the city,” said Sulaiman Hyatt, lead public housing organizer with HRCSF.

HRCSF, along with Bay Area Legal Aid and the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development, has been advocating to keep Griffin housed for the past five months due to lack of due process for eviction. However, the San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA) has persisted in pursuing the eviction.

Activists are locking themselves to the door to prevent the Sheriff from forcing her out of her home of many years.

“Being accused of subletting to your daughter who is providing temporary care to her mother is both disturbing and petty on the part of SFHA,” said Monica Ferrey, public housing tenant and advocate.

SFHA is actively displacing a disproportionate number of Black residents. In addition to lack of due process, SFHA fails to provide Griffin safe and habitable living conditions; Griffin’s unit has been plagued by issues of mold, insect and rodent infestation.

HRCSF is calling on SFHA to stop the unjust eviction of another Black grandmother in this city.

HRCSF’s lead public housing organizer Sulaiman Hyatt and Associate Director of Housing Maria Zamudio can be reached at and