After South Carolina prisoner brutalized, guard recommends writing to the Bay View

Three layers of fencing surround McCormick Correctional Institution with razor wire lining them from top to bottom. This expensive and excessive effort to keep prisoners from escaping may signal to guards that excessive violence is acceptable in this maximum security facility. – Photo: Greenwood Index Journal

by Kinjta Kadeem Sadler

I have been physically restrained by the warden at McCormick Correctional Institution, shot by the riot gun and dragged out of the dorm in handcuffs while going in and out of consciousness. I was escorted to a lockup cell where I was stripped of my clothing, mattress, blanket, sheets, personal property and toilet tissue. I was forced to sleep on cold steel without sheets or clothing in inclement weather on Dec. 28, 2018. From Dec. 29-31, 2018, I was badly bleeding and never seen by medical doctors.

On Dec. 28, 2018, Associate Warden Robertson, Capt. Terry and numerous other unknown officers raided my cell for an unknown reason with riot gear, gas masks and shields. Associate Warden Robertson told Capt. Terry to open my cell, where I was in my room, and shot me twice with the riot gun. His so-called “reason” was an incident that happened before this one.

I wrote a Step 1 grievance about this incident and never got any answer or had anyone come speak with me. Ever since Dec. 28, 2018, my mail, request forms and responses to officers have been late or not answered.

I have no family members but my mother. I have no lawyer or funds to assist me in getting a lawyer for this issue. It’s as though without money no lawyers will write or contact me back. I am back in population now, where a correctional officer told me to contact y’all and maybe y’all can help me.

This is an issue that the people need to know: how we are being treated back here in the South Carolina prison system, and how they get away and try to cover their steps when they have been wrongly treating inmates. I want to sue and press charges against the officers and associate warden on this issue, but with the grievance lady working for and with the warden at the institution, it will be hard to raise my claim. And with me being indigent, won’t no one hear my case or statement.

So, if you or anyone can help me on this issue, please ask for the video recorder on the Dec. 28, 2018, and ask for the name of other officers and request me an attorney so we can serve justice. I already started – well, I tried – they haven’t wrote me back at all.

Send our brother some love and light: Kinjta Kadeem Sadler, 353966, McCormick CI, 386 Redemption Way, McCormick, SC 29899.


  1. There are many more stories like this in SC. Why won’t anyone make the wardens, officers, and the director of the correction accountable? Bryan Stirling needs to resign and an outside company comes in and audit the whole South Carolina Department of Corrections. And that means no law offices in SC. A large firm like California or NY.

  2. I agree with you, Tarita. There is no excuse for incidents like this to be occurring in SC or any other state for that matter. It is obvious that SCDC needs to make some huge changes and those changes will not come from within. At every turn, the system is making the situation worse: excessively long periods of lock down, no programs/rehabilitation, no religious services, starvation rations, no showers for weeks at the time, painted windows, metal plates over the windows, inadequate medical treatment, mistreatment by guards, and the list goes on. The punishment of a prisoner is his/her loss of freedom for a set period of time. There is no stipulation in any of their sentences that says “SCDCs now has the authority to abuse you or treat you like a caged animal.”

  3. It’s a financial scheme established by the south Carolina government as a whole. Scdc officials commit atrocious acts against prisoners, the prisoners file a lawsuit on their own, scdc hires a lawyer or lawfirm that charges them 300 to 600 an hour, scdc lawyer drags the case as much as they could with frivolous pleadings motins or insulting settlement offers, the higher echelons of scdc gets kickbacks for allowing specific lawfirms get that free and easy taxpayers money. Basically, a lawfirm will give up a sizable cut to certain scdc officials and possibly the governor from the money they make off representing scdc. This payment is to make sure scdc select them again to represent them on another lawsuit. That’s why a lot of violent acts and cruel treatment be. Happening in SC prisons.

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