Web Campaign Rates

The average page views for 2019 thus far are 2,738 per day, 200,529 per month and 1,233,350 for the year. We can guarantee 2,000 impressions per day.

Right SIDE BANNER Top (Large) | 300 x 600 pixels | $9.00 CPM*
Right SIDE BANNER Top (Small) | 300 x 250 | $6.00 CPM

BOTTOM BANNER (Large) | 970 x 250  | $8.00 CPM
BOTTOM BANNER (Small) | 728 x 30  | $4.00 CPM

* CPM in newspaper advertising means cost per thousand impressions, i.e., per thousand pageviews, during the period the ad appeared.

TEXT LINKS Contact us: editor@sfbayview.com

Need CUSTOM Advertising? Contact us! We can meet your needs and budget: (415) 671-0789 | editor@sfbayview.com

Flat Rates

If you need to know the exact cost of your ad before you place it, we can discuss a flat rate. The average charge for advertising on a website with traffic comparable to ours ranges from $200 to $280 per month. Our aim is to maximize the effectiveness and affordability of your ad, to make it shine so that every visitor to sfbayview.com takes a good look at your message.

Classified Ads

Classified ads composed of text – enhanced with logos, graphics or photos if you wish – should be emailed to editor@sfbayview.com. We’ll respond with the price for your approval. If you place a classified ad in print, there is no additional charge for posting it online as well.


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