Fourth Annual Mario Woods Remembrance Day is July 20, 2019

by Wealth and Disparities in the Black Community – Justice 4 Mario Woods

A devastated mother. A grieving community. An unimaginable loss. A moment that became a movement.

Mother and son, Gwen and Mario Woods

On July 20, we celebrate the life of Mario Woods at Martin Luther King Jr. Park at Third and Armstrong in the Bayview District of San Francisco at our Fourth Annual Mario Woods Remembrance Day event. Mario Woods Remembrance Day is a day we celebrate Mario’s life and legacy in the Bayview community from which Mario hailed.

Each year we come together to memorialize Mario at this big community event because we must ensure that the City and County of San Francisco ALWAYS remembers Mario Woods – a young Black man whose life was suddenly cut short on Dec. 2, 2015, by five SFPD officers in an execution-style shooting documented in a viral video that spawned a movement:

In the wake of Mario’s execution, a groundswell of people came together to build a movement in support of Mario’s mother, Gwen Woods, and all of those who have been impacted by racialized police violence in the Bay Area. Immediately following the execution of Mario Woods at the end of 2015, Phelicia Jones began organizing to fight for justice for Mario. We are still operating four years later, as Wealth and Disparities in the Black Community – Justice 4 Mario Woods. In 2016, owing to community activism, the City and County of San Francisco declared July 22 Mario Woods Remembrance Day and later that year we held the first ever celebration of Mario’s life.

This budding artist is determined to be creative even though she can barely see over the top of the arts and crafts table in last year’s Kids’ Zone.

This is an inclusive, community based, family-friendly event. Everyone is welcome to join us, Gwen Woods, and other mothers and family members of victims of police brutality on July 20. We provide free food and entertainment. At last year’s event we fed over 300 community members in the underserved Bayview community, where Mario was executed.

Having their faces painted inspired these little girls to make some art of their own. Don’t miss this years’ Kids’ Zone.

We had a kids’ zone to allow area kids and families to enjoy the event – including wonderful activities and games for the kids to enjoy for free, including a jumper house, and even a visit from the Black Cowboys! This year, we intend to feed even more community members and to have even more great activities, games and entertainment for even more kids.

At last year’s Mario Woods Remembrance Day, the visit from the Black Cowboys produced big smiles!

Please join us on Saturday, July 20! Should you wish to contribute to the event fundraiser (or share amongst your contacts), the link is The funds raised will go toward providing food and entertainment. In addition, funds will go towards continuing our work of building citizen awareness and support to the fight for #Justice4MarioWoods and justice for all victims of police violence. Donations go 100 percent to seeking justice for Mario and supporting his family and the affected community. All of our members are volunteers who do this work out of the passion for justice in their hearts.

If you wish to volunteer at the event, or learn more, please contact us at

And please mark your calendars and plan to join us! July 20, 2019 at MLK Jr. Park in SF!

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