Call immediately to save the life of Delbert Africa, last of the MOVE 9 still in prison

MOVE-member-Delbert-Africa-arrested-080878-by-Jim-G.-Domke-Phila.-Inquirer, Call immediately to save the life of Delbert Africa, last of the MOVE 9 still in prison, Abolition Now!
Try as they might to murder Delbert Africa on Aug. 8, 1978, Philly police were no match for his courage and indomitable will to live and protect his MOVE Family. Today, after torturing him in prison for more than 40 years, prison officials are trying to finish the job. Call right now to save his life!

From the MOVE Organization

The MOVE Organization would like to bring to people’s attention a very dangerous situation that is currently occurring with our Brother Delbert Africa. For the past two weeks, Delbert has been suffering from severe swelling from the bottom of his waist all the way down to his toes. For the past two weeks, prison officials at SCI Dallas have ignored Delbert’s request for medical until this past week when several calls were made to his counselor.

A medical visit was finally scheduled for this past Wednesday, July 31, where it was explained to Delbert that he has a fluid buildup which required to be drained. Delbert was immediately taken to an outside hospital, where as of today, Aug. 3, we still do not know where Delbert is.

For several days now, Delbert has been kept incommunicado from calling his MOVE Family, his blood daughter and even his lawyer. Prison officials and also hospital officials will not give anyone information pertaining to where Delbert is at.

Something very suspicious is happening here and it appears the same pattern that occurred with Phil Africa in 2015, where a simple stomach virus turned to a weeklong trip to the outside hospital, held incommunicado from family and friends, to return back to the prison and be placed in hospice care and to die only a day later. In 1998, Merle Africa who had a stomach virus, was forced in her cell and told she was dying only to die a couple of hours later.

This system has no issue with murdering MOVE people, and that’s what they are trying to do with Delbert now. They have already given ground by letting innocent MOVE people out on parole and they do not want to do this with Delbert. As we said before, this system has always saw Delbert as the leader and isolated him, and this latest tactic is no different.

This system has no issue with murdering MOVE people, and that’s what they are trying to do with Delbert now.

Delbert is set to go before the board this September after winning his appeal; now this happens. As of now, we have heard from Delbert’s attorney, who has stated based on the medical report given from outside medical they are stating that Delbert has anemia, high potassium, high PSAs [may indicate prostate cancer], acute malignancy of lower intestines, kidney trouble and suspicion of prostate cancer.

The only thing that Delbert has agreed to with any treatment or exams is to allow a catheter to be used. Delbert has requested a phone call to his MOVE Family, which the prison and also the hospital will not allow.

We are highly suspicious that this prison has done something to Delbert to bring these symptoms on so quick. They could not kill Delbert Aug. 8 after the brutal beating they gave him and now they want to finish the job before he can come home on parole.

These officials are so arrogant. This is the same way they murdered Phil Africa and Merle Africa.

As we have stated before, they have isolated our Brother so they can kill him. They won’t let no one speak to him and this is very dangerous.

We need people now to call:

  • SCI Dallas Superintendent Kevin Ransom, 001-570-675-1101
  • Geisinger Hospital, 001-570-808-7300

We want people to demand that Delbert Orr Africa, AM4895, be allowed to call his MOVE Family and let them know what’s going on. Even though it’s the weekend we are still asking people to call – and Monday we are going full blast.

Contact the MOVE Organization by calling Sue Africa, 001-215-387-4107; Carlos Africa, 001-215-385-2772; or Janine Africa, 001-610-704-4524.