Join the phone zap to move Comrade Malik, badly beaten, out of USP Beaumont

Comrade-Malik-art-by-Rashid-1116, Join the phone zap to move Comrade Malik, badly beaten, out of USP Beaumont, Abolition Now!
Comrade Malik is coming to help save the Bay View, but first we need to protect his life and bring him to California. Your calls will make it happen! – Art: Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, 264847, Pendleton Correctional Facility, G-20-2C, 4490 W. Reformatory Road, Pendleton, IN 46064

by Comrade Malik Support Group

Keith “Malik” Washington, a long-time Bay View contributor who plans to start working at the paper full time on his release, is currently being held in solitary confinement after being attacked at USP Beaumont. Other prisoners had previously warned that he was in danger at Beaumont and had suggested that he was being made a target because of his activism.

Malik urgently needs to get out of this dangerous environment and into an institution in California so it’ll be easier for him to start working at the Bay View right away when he gets released. And a show of public solidarity and support will let the prison officials know that many, many people are watching out for him and they can’t get away with any more dirty tricks.

If you’re not familiar with Comrade Malik, a nationally respected advocate, read some of his stories here and on

Here’s how you can help

Call the numbers below and read this script to the person who answers or leave a voice mail:


“I am contacting you on behalf of Keith Washington (#34481-037), a prisoner who was recently assaulted while being held at USP Beaumont. It is my understanding that Mr. Washington is hurt and being held in the SHU with restricted access to the outside world and that an investigation is currently underway. I request that you complete this investigation as swiftly as possible, that you recommend Keith Washington be transferred to a California facility, and that no further disciplinary measures are taken against Mr. Washington, a man who has no history of violence other than what he has been exposed to in your institution.

“Can you confirm whether there is a specific Designator currently working on Mr. Washington’s case, and who they are if so? I wish to recommend that Mr. Washington is transferred as quickly as possible to a lower security, less violent facility in California, as he is due to take up employment and residency there and it would be most appropriate for his standing.

“Please be advised that we are currently actively investigating the possibility of taking legal action to redress the harm that Mr. Washington has suffered in your care and as a result of your negligence.”

Here are the phone numbers to call and emails to use as well; please contact as many as you can:

1. Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Director Kathleen Hawk Sawyer: 202-307-3250.

That office, after being told about Malik and the problems, gave us the name and phone number for the regional office. The director, Mr. Baltazar, “doesn’t take calls from the public.” Imagine that!

2. South Central Regional Office in Grand Prairie, 972-730-8600, PolicyCorrespondence&

  • Mr. Morales, Operations Manager: 972-352-4400. Call the number, press zero and let it ring, about 50 times. Ask the operator to connect you to Mr. Morales.
  • Ext. 1 Correctional Programs
  • Ext. 4 Correctional Services
  • Ext. 6 Facilities Management
  • Ext. 9 Safety

3. USP Beaumont: 409-727-8188 This is the most important number to call. Leave messages!

  • Larry Schultz, Warden
  • Jay Tenner, Unit Manager, ext. 4551,
  • Mr. Odstrcil: Case Manager

Please send us a message with anything you learned or with your advice. Send your report-backs to and/or