’s Will Gordon III: Battling COVID-19 on the frontline with fresh juice


The-Juice-Masters-1400x803,’s Will Gordon III: Battling COVID-19 on the frontline with fresh juice, Culture Currents
The Juice Masters pass nutritional knowledge down the generations.

Quarantine Chronicles #4

by People’s Minister of Information JR, The Black New World Journalist Collective

While the U.S. media plays politics and continues to drum up support for the Gates Foundation’s alleged forced mass vaccination program, I wanted to fill the readers’ minds with information that is actually more comprehensive about our health and how to protect ourselves from this invisible enemy, COVID-19, beyond being told to socially distance, use hand sanitizer, and wear masks and gloves. 

Although we should do all of that, there is more to protecting ourselves that we are not being told. The nutritional value of what we eat and drink matters. Either we are putting minerals in our bodies or inviting toxins to enter. 

The mainstream media is stating that if we leave our houses, we are greatly increasing our risk of catching this virus, which the government has now said is airborne, while at the same time, nobody in the media or in government is talking publicly about boosting our immune system through nutrition, which is no surprise. 

How do we, the public, protect ourselves? And what happens if we or someone who we love contracts COVID-19? What are some things that we could do to clear the mucus from our chests? A lot of people are asking these questions, but the mainstream national news is continuing to talk about the same redundant topics and politicize the situation instead of answering simple questions and supporting national and local relief efforts.

In the spirit of doing for ourselves, because no one is going to save us but us, I went and got in touch with a friend who is a keeper of that old Black herbal knowledge that our grandparents and our ancestors knew for generations, from living off the land. This is a small tip of the iceberg on African and Native remedies and medicine where people used herbs and plants to heal from many different ailments, instead of pills, syrup and vaccinations. 

Will-Gordon-of-The-Juice-Masters-and-his-grandmother-source-of-traditional-nutrition-knowledge,’s Will Gordon III: Battling COVID-19 on the frontline with fresh juice, Culture Currents
Will Gordon of The Juice Masters and his grandmother, source
of traditional nutrition knowledge

Will Gordon is the CEO of, a fresh juice company from Oakland that’s now based in Culver City. I talked to him about being a master juicer as well as a small business owner. 

“Starve a cold and feed a fever. You feed a fever tea and soups. You feed it a liquid diet, which nowadays they call it micro-fasting. You would do that for three to four days. 

“The main thing that we have to remember with catching (COVID-19) is that we have to cough up all the mucus. Remember grandmas would have us put the paper bag inside the plastic bag and that became our spit bag, and you had to cough it all the way up?” said Will Gordon from his house in Southern California. 

“My kids love that song by Fat Joe ‘All the Way Up’ and I used it to get them to cough up all of the mucus. Growing up as a child in the ‘70s, and knowing this (information about mucus), it was interesting in the 2000s how Dr. Sebi was teaching us about mucus. And how mucus is the first layer of protection in your respiratory system. And your skin is your first level of protection on the exterior.”

I told Will, before conducting this interview, that the non-science-oriented people need a quick lesson on how our bodies function, and that is what is missing in mainstream news stories in today’s pandemic-driven journalism world. The world as we know it is on pause and falling apart, and most have no clue on how to proceed.

Worlds-Healthiest-Food-graphic,’s Will Gordon III: Battling COVID-19 on the frontline with fresh juice, Culture Currents

“Now with our smoothies, we are adding Irish Sea Moss, which has 92 of 102 minerals that our body is made of. So with COVID, what we are finding out about viruses is that we have hundreds of thousands of them inside our bodies, and that the virus, according to virologists, releases toxins from our cells. 

“So a fever allows the cells to release toxins, and the liquid (we drink) fast flushes it out of your system. Sugar and gluten feed bacteria and cause toxicity, i.e. more mucus,” Will methodically explained.

“So, the JuiceMasters pride ourselves on natural organic juices that heal the different organs, like ginger and the respiratory system, like hibiscus and the heart system, and super strawberry lemonade and the brain system because berries have all of these micronutrients that rebuild your brain. 

“We’ve had patients that have lost 80 pounds on a 160-pound frame, hooked up to an IV of salt and sugar water, start taking the Collard Green Smoothie and the Berry Smoothies every day, shocking doctors who thought that their brain size would never return, when their eyes have stopped tracking because they were so malnourished. 

“Seven days on a smoothie, they were speaking again after not speaking for a month and a half. They’re sitting up after 14 days. They’re holding the phone after 21 days, and stood up on the 28th day, which was Easter Sunday eight years ago,” said a jubilant Will as he claimed his righteous victory. 

You-are-what-you-eat-Foods-that-resemble-organs-theyre-good-for-graphic,’s Will Gordon III: Battling COVID-19 on the frontline with fresh juice, Culture Currents

“When you’re ill with a chronic disease, you should eat 70 percent raw. If you can’t do 70 percent, at least do a raw green smoothie five times a week.

“This is another way to clear up that head congestion: You take Vicks vapor rub, or eucalyptus leaves or a rosemary branch and boil it in a pot. Put a towel over your head, and inhale the steam,” professed Will. 

“I remember being in elementary indoctrination (school) when my maternal grandmother made my cousin Junebug breathe in the Vicks that she threw in the boiling water for a short while. We thought she was crazy. 

“Decades later, I found out that that’s that old school science, and it reminded me that I should have been listening more carefully.” Will Gordon said he grew up under his grandmother, and he did listen, so the circle of knowledge in his family remained unbroken.

“Here’s something they don’t want you to know about pharmaceuticals is that in order to patent a drug, they have to add a synthetic to the herb. The problem with the synthetic is that it has side effects that can outweigh the benefits,” said Will meticulously.

“So one drug might have a side effect on your kidney. Another drug will help the kidney but will have a side effect on your liver. And it keeps going. But herbs don’t have those side effects, and you can use them as supplements. not replacements for your physician.” 

Will constantly displayed how he considered modern Western medicine a mixed bag of results, some good while many are bad. 

“And the physician will later say, ‘What have you been doing? You’re getting better.’ This is because their two hours of nutritional training over their eight-year degree doesn’t teach them about herbs and organs, which by divine design come with a color coded healing map, and some things have the shapes as well.” For example, pomegranate is good for the blood and is red.

“Many have discounted the lessons that their elders taught before they passed. Now it is those lessons ushering us into a safety that technology could not provide.”

“So the strongman ginger is what sparked the company, because I grew up with asthma, and come to find out, I am allergic to wheat and gluten. So then I learned about hibiscus tea which is good for female cramps. When you add cinnamon to it, it also helps with blood pressure. 

“The plant is known as Jamaica in Mexico and sorrel in the Caribbean, and it is called Bee Sap in West Africa, when you add the ginger to this edible flower, hibiscus. And, sidenote, the original wheat in Egypt did not have gluten in it.”

“I got into juice making and health because my grandmother’s grandmother was a midwife, and before the American Medical Association, Black children weren’t born in hospitals, so midwifery was everything. So you had Black women who were domestics taking care of rich white families and, on the side, going and birthing the Black children at their homes. That’s why you hear a lot of people over 80 say they were born at home.”

Will moved six years ago from Oakland permanently to Southern California to take care of the grandmother who raised him. 

“At our house, we grew up eating vegetables at every meal, and making herbal teas was a natural and normal thing for bronchitis, pneumonia and the flu.”

‘Foods-that-create-eliminate-mucus’-graphic,’s Will Gordon III: Battling COVID-19 on the frontline with fresh juice, Culture Currents

I think it is a form of poetic justice, how the United States has always ignored the inner-city Black people who built the country and even raised the children of racist white Amerikkka. And now, while pharmaceutical corporations are racking their brains to be the first to come up with a vaccine or treatment to deal with COVID-19, that doesn’t acknowledge or include the Cuban medical establishment who beat them to the punch.

“It’s the offspring of the Black servant class who are protecting the Black community through selling plant-based smoothies to strengthen the immune system as well as many of the body’s other systems. 

“Many have discounted the lessons that their elders taught before they passed. Now it is those lessons ushering us into a safety that technology could not provide. 

“What’s crazy is when grandma turned 93, she had a stroke because my father and two brothers got evicted in the same month, and they put their things in her garage,” said Will, more lightheartedly than I would have expected.

“So to recover from the stroke, she created the collard greens smoothie, made with apples, bananas, avocados, cayenne pepper and cinnamon. And she went on to cook until she was 97. They’ve found that collard greens and kale have the highest nutrients of all the greens. 

As the world economic system burns, possibly beyond recognition, from media-induced panic that is gripping the United States in this COVID-19 season, stimulus packets have been flaunted – for individuals, for small businesses, for the unemployed and for the corporations. Are the funds getting to businesses that are on the frontlines of the fight against COVID?

“It’s the same old thing, red tape which usually means slow you down until you figure out what’s happening, and then it’s usually too late. And so people have heard about small business stimulus money, but it is not a guarantee for the small businesses, unlike the $1,200 (loaned to individuals) from the federal government which we have come to find out is a loan against the 2020 tax returns,” said a frustrated Will. 

“But for the small business it was on a first come, first serve basis supposedly, because now there is a lawsuit saying the larger businesses got preferential treatment over the smaller ones. And there’s reports of 43,000 US millionaires getting an average of $1.6 million each, according to the New York Post. 

Bottles-of-Juice-Masters-juice,’s Will Gordon III: Battling COVID-19 on the frontline with fresh juice, Culture Currents

“So what I love about Dr. Umar’s call last year, saying that Black Americans have $200 trillion spending money annually each year, any group or congregation bringing in a million dollars needs to be banking, which would create a hundred million in loaning funds.

“So for the last six years, it’s been a big deal to get a loan to start a food truck (for the juice company), which costs an average of $60,000-$80,000 in equipment alone. So when Blacks begin doing our own banking, it will be easier to employ more health and nutrition small businesses (into our communities),” said Will as he envisioned a future where we can move the age old economic obstacles out of our way to prepare for a better tomorrow. 

“So is expanding (in Southern California) with the smoothies, the teas and medicinal drinks as well, and people are loving it. It’s changing lives. 

For more information, visit or tap into thejuicemasters on Instagram.

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